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Royals Rumblings - News for January 13, 2021

Wednesday the 13th, you know what that means

“Look over there!”
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

In a video interview, Khalil Lee talks about his experience with MLB’s rookie program, being added to the 40-man, and his being drafted during his high school graduation celebration. He also said having real games to play in winter ball was helpful after not having a standard season in 2020.

At Kings of Kauffman, David Scharff says Dayton Moore’s recent aggressiveness is good for the Royals.

Former Royal Chris Young, now the GM of the Rangers, signed former Royal Drew Butera to a minors deal.

MLB has set leaguewide minimum safety standards for fans to attend games in 2021.

Craig Edwards at FanGraphs praises the Liam Hendriks signing for the White Sox.

Nationals fans no longer have to make separate outings to the sportsbook and ballpark, as the two will become one thanks to a corporate partnership with BetMGM.

Anyone who was planning on watching Celtics-Magic tonight is out of luck, as Boston is still dealing with COVID issues and a third game of theirs had to be postponed.

Here’s what Dan Le Batard has planned for his new venture, after his departure from ESPN.

Bed, Bath & Beyond is selling off Cost Plus World Market. What does that mean for your gift cards to both stores?

An Irish teenager is developing technology to help detect deepfake videos.

This article suggests that parents have their kids write a letter to their post-pandemic selves, but it sounds like a good idea for everyone to try.

An explainer on the obsession with sea shanties on TikTok.

New movies coming to Netflix every week of 2021.

At GQ, a profile of Zendaya, who is simply great. [Your Rumblings compiler is not a massive fan of the art direction of the accompanying photos, with the super harsh flash.]

Why graphics cards and other computer parts are getting so much more expensive.

SOTD: heck it, we’re hopping on sea shanties. This is now a sea shanty fansite.