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Royals Rumblings - News for October 18, 2021

Happy Jason Sudeikis Day!

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Royals Rumblings - News for October 18, 2021

The Star did a whole series about a potential downtown stadium for the Royals this weekend, with Sam Mellinger taking a deep dive in his column.

“I think about it as much more than a ballpark,” Sherman told The Star. “Look, (Kauffman Stadium) is great. It’s a beautiful place to play. From a baseball perspective, you’re there 81 nights a year, you have a ballpark and you have a parking lot and it’s a great place to play and we may end up there a long time.

“But if you look around the country and you see what’s happened in these cities where you create more vibrancy, some that have been there a long time and some that have been impacted in the short term — I just think there’s a lot of potential there.”

Lynn Worthy writes about the economic impact.

That’s the type of prism through which Cole says people should view the opportunity for a downtown ballpark in Kansas City. “As beautiful as the sports complex is, the downfall of it in modern terms is there’s no 365 life there,” Cole said.

“It’s a sea of parking. You get there. You tailgate. You go in. You enjoy yourself, and you leave. I think that’s the tough part when you look at and have been in other cities.”

He also writes about the design plans that a local architectural firm came up with last year.

‘An unscientific survey by the Star shows majority support for a downtown stadium, but with many that have to be convinced.

Kevin Martin from Roeland Park likes the idea of the move from the Truman Sports Complex, which the Royals have shared with the Chiefs since the early 1970s.

“Kauffman is a great ballpark, but in my view a downtown stadium would connect the Royals to the city in a way that Truman does not,” Martin said.

Here’s an interactive look at four potential ballpark sites.

Alex Duvall at Royals Farm Report gives an update on the Arizona Fall League.

Clint Scoles at Royals Academy is already previewing the 2022 MLB draft.

Bleacher Report names Bobby Witt, Jr. the top prospect in baseball.

Kevin O’Brien at Royals Reporter writes that Nick Pratto could be the most key player in 2022.

Whit Merrifield is listed among the infielders that are favorites to win a Fielding Bible Award.

Eddie Rosario gives the Braves a second-consecutive walk-off win to take a 2-0 series lead over the Dodgers.

Joc Pederson adds to his post-season resume with another home run.

A closer look at Kiké Hernandez’s red-hot post-season.

Does Houston have the best post-season infield ever?

MLB is in talks to launch a nationwide streaming service without cable.

What’s next for the 107-win Giants after an early post-season exit?

MLB will require teams to provide housing for minor leaguers.

Former Cubs reliever Chuck Hartenstein died at the age of 79.

The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame adds 17 contributors as inductees.

A soccer fan is in stable condition after suffering a heart attack during the Newcastle/Tottenham match.

Ed Orgeron will not return as the head coach of LSU next year.

A look at the hedge fund killing newspapers.

Robert Pattinson’s The Batman releases its first trailer.

Overland Park declares today Jason Sudekis Day.

Your song of the day is Mumford & Sons with Hopeless Wanderer.