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2021 Penultimate Gamethread: Twins at Royals

It’s been a blast

Salvador Perez blows a bubble while on deck Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

For the past several years I have written the Saturday gamethreads. I fully intend to continue into next year, but for now, this is where we will say, “See you later!” The Royals only have one more game to play after this one, and it will not be on a Saturday so if you want to see any more of my writing about the Royals you’ll be forced to check out the Hok Talk articles.

Kris Bubic gets his final start of the year for the Royals which is fitting because he’s probably my favorite of the young Royals pitchers. He’s so close to getting it but he hasn’t quite made it, yet. Maybe next year! Here’s hoping he’s got one more flash of brilliance in him.

Salvador Perez sits at 48 home runs. I’d love to see him belt a couple out tonight and put him at 50, but if he can’t do it tonight then tomorrow afternoon. I have no ill will toward Jorge Soler, but I’d still rather see Salvy hold the team record.

The Twins will send out Griffin Jax. Jax has not had a great rookie season and he’s made two starts against the Royals which have resulted in 10 runs in the same number of innings. Salvy doesn’t have a dinger against him yet, but Andrew Benintendi did manage two in Jax’s most recent start against the Royals.