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The Royals will have the #9 pick in the 2022 draft....probably

Assuming we have a draft next year.

2020 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Royals finished with a 74-88 record, which will most likely give them the #9 pick in the 2022 amateur draft. The caveat is that the current Collective Bargaining Agreement setting draft order rules expires this fall, and baseball could have a new way of determining draft order next season. Or there may not be a draft at all. Or baseball. Life is fragile.

The #9 pick is the latest the Royals have selected since 2018, when they took Brady Singer with the #18 pick. The last time they had the #9 pick was 2001 when they selected high school pitcher Colt Griffin, who never reached the big leagues. They also selected Kevin Appier with the #9 pick in 1987 and he has the most WAR by a pitcher in Royals history. Other #9 picks in Royals history include Clint Hurdle (1975) and Lew Olsen (1973).

Other players that have been selected with the #9 pick include Mike Pelfrey, John Danks, Jeff Francis, Barry Zito, Michael Cuddyer, Mark Kotsay, Geoff Jenkins, Preston Wilson, Duane Ward, Steve Buechele, and Ron Darling.

The Baltimore Orioles will have the top pick for the second time in four years.

  1. Orioles (52-110)
  2. Diamondbacks (52-110)
  3. Rangers (60-102)
  4. Pirates (61-101)
  5. Nationals (65-97)
  6. Marlins (67-95)
  7. Cubs (71-91)
  8. Twins (73-89)
  9. Royals (74-88)
  10. Rockies (74-87)
  11. Mets (compensatory pick for not signing Kumar Rocker)
  12. Tigers (77-85)
  13. Angels (77-85)
  14. Mets (77-85)
  15. Padres (79-83)
  16. Indians (80-82)
  17. Phillies (82-80)
  18. Reds (83-79)
  19. Athletics (86-76)
  20. Braves (88-73)
  21. Mariners (90-72)
  22. Cardinals (90-72)
  23. Blue Jays (91-71)
  24. Red Sox (92-70)
  25. Yankees (92-70)
  26. White Sox (93-69)
  27. Brewers (95-67)
  28. Astros (95-67)
  29. Rays (100-62)
  30. Dodgers (106-56)
  31. Giants (107-55)

This could change if draft picks are forfeited due to signing free agents - if that is still a penalty under the new agreement. Or perhaps picks will be allowed to be traded. It all has to be worked out this off-season.

If the Royals have the #9 pick, they could have also have a decent-sized draft pool to work with, which could give them flexibility. Will they take the best player available, or try to sign someone cheaper to pay more later in the draft?