Individual Player Reviews - 2021 Season

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Qualifications: 25+ games played and still with organization

‘Overall Grades’ are based on performance, roles, and expectations of each player coming into the season

In order below by games played

Whit Merrifield

2021 Stats: 162 G .277/.317/.395 .711 OPS 91 OPS+ 184 H 97 R 74 RBI 42 2B 10 HR 40 SB 40 BB 103 SO

After a slow start, Whit was able to bounce back and tally up another all-star season. He played excellent defense at Second Base throughout the year while only preparing to play Right Field during Spring Training. Whit was first amongst MLB Second Basemen in Defensive Runs Saved with 14, first in double plays (by far) with 103, and first in Range Factor at 4.77. He finishes second in the MLB in stolen bases with 40, first in doubles with 42, fourth in hits with 184, and once again played all 162 games. His consecutive games played streak is up to 469. He has also become one of seven players in MLB history to have two 40 SB/40 2B seasons. Although the Royals have some positional decisions to make next season, look for Whit to end up at Second Base or Right Field in 2022.

Overall Grade: A-

Salvador Perez

2021 Stats: 161 G .273/.316/.544 .859 OPS 126 OPS+ 169 H 88 R 121 RBI 24 2B 48 HR 28 BB 170 SO

Salvador Perez has put together one of the greatest offensive seasons of all time from a Catcher. The man once only known for his defense, just led the entire MLB in Homeruns and RBIs. He has transformed his swing over the last few years by using more force from his lower half and the advanced stats are there to back him up. He was in the 99th percentile in HardHit%, 94th percentile in Average Exit Velocity, 93rd percentile in max exit velocity, and the 93rd percentile in Barrel%. He was able to stay healthy for nearly every game this season (one was lost due to a stomach bug). He has tied Jorge Soler as the Royals single season Homerun leader and has exceeded everyone’s expectations in the first year of his contract extension. On the other side of the field, his defense was better than the advanced stats gave him credit for. He was still able to block balls (One passed ball all year on a team that is second in the MLB in Wild Pitches with 88), throw runners out (league leading 44% CS), not commit errors (two on the year), and was able to command this young Royals pitching staff very well.

Overall Grade: A+

Carlos Santana

2021 Stats: 158 G .214/.319/.342 .660 OPS 79 OPS+ 121 H 66 R 69 RBI 15 2B 19 HR 86 BB 102 SO

Carlos had a very strong first half of the year putting up a .246/.368/.421 slash line (.789 OPS) but has completely plummeted in the second half with a slash line of .176/.254/.246 (.500 OPS). Even without hitting the ball well, he was still able to get on base more often than most of the Royals lineup. His eye for the walk seems to be by far his best asset right now. Overall, he did not perform terrible on the year, but the second half could be a sign of a regression leading into the last year of his contract. The team will likely consider their options for Santana going forward with First Base prospects, Nick Pratto and Vinnie Pasquantino on the rise.

Overall Grade: D+

Nicky Lopez

2021 Stats: 151 G .300/.365/.378 .744 OPS 102 OPS+ 149 H 78 R 43 RBI 21 2B 2 HR 22 SB 49 BB 74 SO

Nicky Lopez has been one of the best surprises of the season. Initially he did not make the opening day roster, but an injury to Mondesi opened the gate for Nicky to prove himself from day one. He started hot at the plate and then slumped all the way down to a .200 Batting Average on May 7th. Since then, he has hit a slash line of .320/.377/.400 in 120 games. I am yet to even mention his gold glove level defense, where he led the MLB at all positions in OAA (Outs above average) with 25 and was third amongst all Shortstops in Fielding Percentage at .987. He also stole 22 bases while only getting caught stealing one time, following a season where he had zero steals and was caught stealing five times. The improvements he has made have been incredible and he looks to be a big part of the Royals future at 2B or SS.

Overall Grade: A+

Michael A Taylor

2021 Stats: 142 G .244/.297/.356 .653 OPS 76 OPS+ 118 H 58 R 54 RBI 16 2B 12 HR 14 SB 33 BB 144 SO

Taylor has been better than expected throughout this season. He showcased his gold glove level defense in Kauffman’s massive Center Field and provided a usable bat near the bottom of the lineup. He was first in the league in Defensive Runs Saved amongst all outfielders with 19, first out of all MLB Center Fielders in outfield assists with 11, and second among all MLB outfielders in outs above average with 15. Just last week the (likely) best defensive Center Fielder in baseball, Michael A Taylor signed a 2-year $9 million deal to come back to the Royals.

Overall Grade: B-

Hunter Dozier

2021 Stats: 144 G .216/.285/.394 .680 OPS 81 OPS+ 105 H 55 R 54 RBI 27 2B 16 HR 5 SB 43 BB 154 SO

This has been a terrible season overall for Hunter Dozier and it looks even worse after seeing that contract extension. However, since June 28th, in 84 games Dozier has put up a split of .261/.328/.446 (.775 OPS). If the thumb really was the issue early on and we end up seeing a split like the one just mentioned, then I believe that he can really bounce back for the Royals next year. The other problem however is his defense. He can play a lot of positions (1B, 3B, LF, and RF), but is not that great at any of them. We will likely see him in a variety of places next season mainly as a Designated Hitter and Right Fielder, but also as a Utility player and Bench bat.

Overall Grade: D+

Andrew Benintendi

2021 Stats: 134 G .276/.324/.442 .766 OPS 104 OPS+ 136 H 63 R 73 RBI 27 2B 17 HR 8 SB 36 BB 97 SO

Beni has been on fire as of late and has Left Field locked up next season in a year where the Royals will have many defensive decisions to make. He provided many flashes of contact, power, defense, and some speed in his 134 games this year. He put up a .302/.343/.513 slash line (.855 OPS) on the road this season and provided to be very reliable in the middle of the lineup. This has been a great comeback for him, and the Royals did not have to give up much to get him from the Red Sox. Like Michael A Taylor, he too should soon also be a candidate for an extension.

Overall Grade: B+

Hanser Alberto

2021 Stats: 103 G .270/.291/.402 .693 OPS 85 OPS+ 65 H 25 R 24 RBI 20 2B 2 HR 3 SB 4 BB 26 SO

As a very joyful bench bat this season, Hanser was able to hit 20 Doubles in only 241 at bats, providing some much needed hitting off the bench. His best asset to this team was his great attitude and passion he showed on and off the field. Aside from his hitting, personality, and mannerisms he was also very versatile in the field making appearances at Second, Third, Short, and even Pitcher! I do not know his future with the team going forward but he did his job well this year.

Overall Grade: B-

Ryan O’Hearn

2021 Stats: 84 G .225/.268/.369 .636 OPS 70 OPS+ 53 H 23 R 29 RBI 5 2B 9 HR 0 SB 13 BB 71 SO

Well, I think that it is safe to say that Ryan O’Hearn has had more than enough chances to prove himself on this team. None of his stats really stand out here as he only hit 5 doubles and 9 homeruns over 236 at bats and was a minus in the field at both First Base and Right Field. I wish him luck going forward as he seems to be a great guy to be around, but I do not know how many more chances this team will give him.

Overall Grade: F

Cam Gallagher

2021 Stats: 48 G .250/.298/.330 .628 OPS 70 OPS+ 28 H 9 R 7 RBI 6 2B 1 HR 0 SB 8 BB 20 SO

Cam the man’s production came mostly on the defensive end where he would either sub late into already decided games or start on the days Salvy was slotted at DH. He was very good commanding the young pitchers from behind the plate, was pretty good at pitch framing, and was able to catch some runners stealing. He committed more errors than you would like in limited appearances behind the plate but got the job done without many issues. With MJ Melendez needing to come up soon and other suitable backup Catchers such as Sebastian Rivero, I do not know if Cam still has a future on this team.

Overall Grade: C

Edward Olivares

2021 Stats: 39 G .238/.291/.406 .697 OPS 86 OPS+ 24 H 14 R 12 RBI 2 2B 5 HR 2 SB 5 BB 19 SO

The journeyman Edward Olivares has been shuffled between the MLB and AAA more times than most can keep track of (I believe 16 times). That alone makes it very difficult to prove yourself in the majors knowing that you could be moved at any time regardless of performance. Olivares showed good flashes of power and some speed in the outfield, but we need to see more of him to really know if he can be an everyday outfielder. Going forward I could see him with the team as a fourth outfielder if he can ever get another shot at consistent time in the majors.

Overall Grade: C

Adalberto Mondesi

2021 Stats: 35 G .230/.271/.452 .723 OPS 90 OPS+ 29 H 19 R 17 RBI 8 2B 6 HR 15 SB 6 BB 43 SO

It has been a very frustrating season for Adalberto. He was injured for most of the year but of the few games he played, he showed some incredible highs and lows. He hit a homerun 464 feet early on, has a very good 21 AB/HR on the year, a 94% stolen base percentage on 15 steals in only 35 games, and has looked fantastic in the field at both Shortstop and Third Base. With the infield getting more crowded next season (see Bobby Witt Jr.) along with his injury history; look for him to have more off days, get reps at DH, and possibly get moved all around the diamond (including the outfield) at some points. Considering all the factors above I expect him to be some sort of Super Utility player that plays around (hopefully) 100 games next season.

Overall Grade: B-

Emmanuel Rivera

2021 Stats: 29 G .256/.316/.333 .650 OPS 77 OPS+ 23 H 13 R 5 RBI 4 2B 1 HR 2 SB 8 BB 21 SO

Rivera debuted June 28th and performed well hitting two singles, then in the following game he only had one plate appearance before he broke a bone in his wrist. He came back and was with the MLB team from August 4th to September 6th and showed some flashes of contact and a pretty good eye. In his 67 games played between AA and AAA this season Rivera slashed .285/.347/.574 (.921 OPS). He could be a good bench bat on the 2022 team if he can make his minor league power transfer to the majors a little smoother as that part of his game has been hidden so far at the major league level.

Overall Grade: B-

Kyle Isbel

2021 Stats: 28 G .276/.337/.434 .772 OPS 107 OPS+ 21 H 16 R 7 RBI 5 2B 1 HR 2 SB 7 BB 23 SO

Isbel started the year with the big-league squad and tallied three hits in his first game. He only lasted eleven more games in the majors until he was sent down to AAA for most of the season until September 12th. He has shown his ability to play all parts of the outfield and looks to be a possible option for next season’s roster again if he can find any room on it. Since being called back up he has a slash line of .286/.362/.524 (.886 OPS) in 47 plate appearances. His defense seems to be worthwhile in the outfield and he could be another option next year in Right Field or off the bench with Michael A Taylor’s recent extension locking up Center.

Overall Grade: B+

The Unqualified

This list of players is comprised of every other batter who made an appearance for the Royals this year and is currently a part of the organization. They will be given a very short review, but their full season stats will not be shown, and they will not get an overall grade as they did not have enough appearances.

Sebastian Rivero

-Seems good defensively at catcher but has not had any offensive production to back it up. He was able to have a slash line of .260/.319/.380 in AAA where most of his time was spent this year.

Ryan McBroom

-Had nine plate appearances for the Royals this year, not sure why other guys have been given so much opportunity and McBroom has not gotten any chances consistently in the MLB. He had a .867 OPS in Omaha with 32 HR in 114 games.



Starting Pitchers: 10+ games started

Relief Pitchers: 20+ appearances

‘Overall Grades’ are based on performance, roles, and expectations of each player coming into the season

SP in order below by starts

RP in order below by relief appearances

Starting Pitchers:

Mike Minor

2021 Stats: 28 G 28 GS 158.2 IP 8-12 W-L 5.05 ERA 41 BB 149 SO 91 ERA+ 4.29 FIP 1.24 WHIP 3.63 SO/W

Mike Minor was signed with the intent that he would eat innings and provide veteran leadership for this young pitching staff. While he hasn’t performed as well as the team would like, he has still done his job. He did however have by far the best SO/W ratio of any starter on the team at 3.63. Next year we could likely see him near the end of the rotation again or coming out of the bullpen in long relief.

Overall Grade: C-

Brady Singer

2021 Stats: 27 G 27 GS 128.1 IP 5-10 W-L 4.91 ERA 53 BB 131 SO 94 ERA+ 4.04 FIP 1.55 WHIP 2.47 SO/W

Brady Singer had an interesting year to say the least. While many of us hoped he would take the next step and show signs of an emerging ace, he instead gave us a handful of very good outings, very bad outings, and everything in between. The perfect example of this is shown in a three-game span from July 7th to August 11th. He had a stat-line of 6 IP 5 H 1 ER 1 BB 6 SO on July 7th. Then the following two games on July 17th and August 11th, he goes a combined 5.2 IP giving up 18 hits, 12 earned runs, 4 walks, and only 3 strikeouts. His X-Factor this off-season is well known. He needs to develop his third pitch. The sinker and slider alone can only get him so far. Unless he is perfect with both pitches’ control all of the time, he’s going to have games where the hitters are reading him like a book, and he will get shelled. If he can keep improving on his changeup this off-season and just throw it even 10-15 times a game effectively with control, he could be what we all expect him to be next season.

Overall Grade: C

Brad Keller

2021 Stats: 26 G 26 GS 133.2 IP 8-12 W-L 5.39 ERA 64 BB 120 SO 85 ERA+ 4.71 FIP 1.66 WHIP 1.88 SO/W

After a horrific opening day and start to the year, Brad Keller finally turned it around following his Boston start on June 29th. In his nine starts since then he posted a 3.42 ERA 1.34 WHIP 4.00 FIP 22 BB 53 SO in 52.2 IP. This is a great improvement to his earlier self. A lot of Keller’s success relies on his most thrown pitch, the slider (34.8% of his pitches thrown) If he can continue to locate his slider as he has lately, we can expect his success to continue. Although he did not live up to being the ace we hoped for after his fantastic 2020, he still has a chance to bounce back and be a useful piece to the rotation going forward.

Overall Grade: D+

Kris Bubic

2021 Stats: 29 G 20 GS 130.0 IP 6-7 W-L 4.43 ERA 59 BB 114 SO 104 ERA+ 5.13 FIP 1.39 WHIP 1.93 SO/W

Consistency and Control are the two storylines of Kris Bubic’s season. When both of those are off, he is batting practice for the other team (see August 15th against the Cardinals). When both of those are on, he is nearly unhittable (see August 21st against the Cubs). On those back-to-back starts he went 1.1 IP 9 H 7 ER against St. Louis followed by 6.1 IP 1 H 2 ER 9 Ks against Chicago. His performance each start has essentially been like flipping a coin this year, there’s two different sides of Bubic you could get each game. He throws a fastball in the low 90s, a curveball, and a changeup. Without a drastic difference in velocities between his pitches, his control needs to be perfect for him to keep improving.

Overall Grade: C+

Daniel Lynch

2021 Stats: 15 G 15 GS 68.0 IP 4-6 W-L 5.69 ERA 31 BB 55 SO 81 ERA+ 4.81 FIP 1.63 WHIP 1.77 SO/W

Since getting called back up to the MLB Lynch has a stat-line of 12 GS 60.0 IP 4-4 4.35 ERA 26 BB 48 SO 4.80 FIP 1.47 WHIP 1.85 SO/W. His recent play has been a little more of what we expected from his first stint. He has a five-pitch mix but his fastball and slider combined are thrown 68.9% of the time. When he has been on, his slider has looked amazing (see July 25th against the Tigers). He just needs more time in the big leagues before we can make a true judgment on him, but I believe he will be anywhere from 1 to 3 in the starting pitching rotation for the Royals very soon.

Overall Grade: C-

Carlos Hernandez

2021 Stats: 24 G 11 GS 85.2 IP 6-2 W-L 3.68 ERA 41 BB 74 SO 125 ERA+ 4.85 FIP 1.28 WHIP 1.80 SO/W

This is the gem of the year out of all of KC’s pitching. Since his first start on July 18th, he has a stat-line of 12 G 11 GS 64 IP 5-2 W-L 3.23 ERA 4.16 FIP 1.16 WHIP while only allowing his opponents a batting split of .211/.298/.304. He has ace potential on this team and has been amazing since becoming a starter. He has a five pitch mix as well but usually relies on his fastball (48.5% of pitches thrown) and generally pitches for contact. His fastball averages 97.1mph and his following four pitches are curveball, slider, changeup, and sinker. Opponents hit below .235 on all of his pitches thrown aside from his curveball (.267 OPP BA). He essentially came out of nowhere in this organization and has looked like our current ace the last three months of the season.

Overall Grade: A-

Relief Pitchers:

Jake Brentz

2021 Stats: 72 G 64.0 IP 5-2 W-L 2 SV 3.66 ERA 37 BB 76 SO 4.23 FIP 1.28 WHIP 2.05 SO/W 6.3 H/9 5.2 BB/9 10.7 SO/9

Jake Brentz has been an essential part of this bullpen, making up a third of the Royals current ‘Big Three’ in the pen. As a rookie, he has been the go-to guy in any of the last three innings throughout the year. He has performed very well in high leverage situations and needs to be a part of this bullpen going forward if we are looking to compete. He throws a fastball, slider, and changeup and ranks in the 94th percentile in fastball velocity, 77th percentile in Whiff%, and the 75th percentile in K%. He has exceeded everyone’s expectations all year long.

Overall Grade: B

Scott Barlow

2021 Stats: 71 G 74.1 IP 5-3 W-L 16 SV 2.42 ERA 28 BB 91 SO 2.63 FIP 1.20 WHIP 3.25 SO/W 7.4 H/9 3.4 BB/9 11.0 SO/9

By far our best bullpen arm all season was Scott Barlow. He takes care of things in the 8th or 9th inning every chance he gets and has been unbelievable this year. He throws a slider, fastball, and curveball to get the job done. He is in the 95th percentile in Whiff%, 90th percentile in Chase Rate, 86th percentile in K%, and 81st percentile in xwOBA and xERA. He was one of the best relievers in the entire league and needs to keep it up next season and beyond for the Royals.

Overall Grade: A

Josh Staumont

2021 Stats: 64 G 65.2 IP 4-3 W-L 5 SV 2.88 ERA 27 BB 72 SO 3.49 FIP 1.07 WHIP 2.67 SO/W 5.9 H/9 3.7 BB/9 9.9 SO/9

The final piece of the Big Three this season is Josh Staumont, a high velocity guy with a great curveball. In all he throws, a fastball, curveball, and a sinker. While he can hit 100mph on his fastball he generally stays around the 95-97 range now for more control. He is in the 91st percentile of fastball velocity, 84th percentile of curve spin, and 75th percentile of K%. His opponents in 2021 only hit .154 on 380 curveballs thrown this year. He was the Royals best reliever through May 19th with a 2.18 ERA through his first 19 appearances. Then on a 10-game stretch from May 22nd through July 1st he allowed 9 ER in 11.1 IP ballooning his ERA to 3.94 (along with an appearance to the IL). Finally, from July 3rd until the end of the season he has slowly brought his ERA all the way back down to 2.88.

Overall Grade: A-

Greg Holland

2021 Stats: 57 G 55.2 IP 3-5 W-L 8 SV 4.85 ERA 26 BB 53 SO 4.82 FIP 1.35 WHIP 2.04 SO/W 7.9 H/9 4.2 BB/9 8.6 SO/9

Greg Holland did amazing things for the Royals in his first stint from 2010-15 and even last year in the shortened season. This season however is another story. There were many times throughout the year where it seemed like he could have been off the team. He is in the 29th percentile in Opp HardHit%, 20th percentile in BB%, and the literal 1st percentile in Opp Barrel%. Often when he came into the game this year late it felt like we were ready to lose the lead. However, he was able to finish the year very strong with zero earned runs allowed in his seven appearances in September.

Overall Grade: C-

Kyle Zimmer

2021 Stats: 52 G 54.0 IP 4-1 W-L 2 SV 5.00 ERA 30 BB 46 SO 4.82 FIP 1.41 WHIP 1.53 SO/W 7.7 H/9 5.0 BB/9 7.7 SO/9

It has been a tale of two halves for Kyle Zimmer. From opening day through June 20th Kyle Zimmer pitched 27.2 innings with a 1.95 ERA while only giving up 11 walks and striking out 28. Since then, he has pitched 26.1 innings with an 8.20 ERA while walking 19 and striking out only 18. It is very hard to rate Zimmer’s season as a whole because of this, if I were to rate him based off each half separately his first 27.2 innings would be an A+ and his last 26.1 innings would be an F. Hopefully he can look more like his first half self in the next season.

Overall Grade: C-

Wade Davis

2021 Stats: 40 G 42.2 IP 0-3 W-L 2 SV 6.75 ERA 19 BB 38 SO 5.30 FIP 1.48 WHIP 2.00 SO/W 9.3 H/9 4.0 BB/9 8.0 SO/9

Wade Davis will always have a special place in all of our hearts for what he did for us from 2014-2016. As much as it hurts to say, Wade looked like he could have been cut from this team many times throughout the year. He was used mostly in low leverage blowouts to get through innings and still has an ERA pushing the 7s. He simply is nothing close to his prime anymore.

Overall Grade: F

Ervin Santana

2021 Stats: 38 G 65.1 IP 2-2 W-L 0 SV 4.68 ERA 22 BB 52 SO 4.47 FIP 1.33 WHIP 2.36 SO/W 9.0 H/9 3.0 BB/9 7.2 SO/9

Ervin did his role respectably as a 38-year-old pitcher. His job was to come in for long relief and get through the innings and he did just that. For his age, he can still look effortless hitting mid 90s on his fastball. Funny enough Ervin was a part of the Royals 2013 team which was in a very similar stage of the timeline to the current 2021 team, right on the cusp of becoming competitive again but not quite there yet.

Overall Grade: C-

Tyler Zuber

2021 Stats: 31 G 27.1 IP 0-3 W-L 0 SV 6.26 ERA 17 BB 25 SO 6.17 FIP 1.57 WHIP 1.47 SO/W 8.6 H/9 5.6 BB/9 8.2 SO/9

Tyler Zuber still needs to learn how he can make the jump from AAA to the MLB. This season in Omaha he had a 2.83 ERA in 28 outings. This is much different than how he has performed at the big-league level. However, some of his advanced stats do look promising for him as he is in the 72nd percentile in fastball velocity and the 84th percentile in curveball spin. He will still have chances to prove himself, but the leash will run short eventually. He has a four-pitch mix but throws his fastball and slider a combined 88.2% of the time. This is fine if the batters can’t hit either of those pitches, but opponents are slugging .553 off his fastballs alone in 2021, that will simply not cut it.

Overall Grade: F

Domingo Tapia

2021 Stats: 32 G 31.2 IP 4-1 W-L 0 SV 2.84 ERA 14 BB 25 SO 3.33 FIP 1.11 WHIP 1.79 SO/W 6.0 H/9 4.0 BB/9 7.1 SO/9

On May 22nd the Royals acquired Domingo Tapia from the Mariners for cash. Since then, he has been one of the Royals most reliable arms out of the bullpen. I do not know how we were able to find such a diamond in the rough, but he has looked fantastic nearly every outing. He throws five total pitches (Sinker, Slider, Fastball, Changeup, and Cutter) but heavily relies on his Sinker which he throws 58.1% of the time with an average velocity of 97.2mph. He has been a great addition to the bullpen.

Overall Grade: A

Richard Lovelady

2021 Stats: 20 G 20.2 IP 2-0 W-L 1 SV 3.48 ERA 6 BB 23 SO 3.84 FIP 1.07 WHIP 3.83 SO/W 7.0 H/9 2.6 BB/9 10.0 SO/9

In limited playing time after being called up and before getting injured Lovelady performed very well in 20 appearances and had some very nice stats. He didn’t allow many hits or walks in his outings and over half of his runs allowed were homeruns. This accounts for his higher ERA compared to his microscopic WHIP and excellent per 9 stats. He looks to be much improved compared to his previous stints in the majors and just needs to get more innings in for us to really be able to evaluate him. He recently got Tommy John Surgery to end the year and will hopefully come back to the level he was at or even better.

Overall Grade: B+

The Unqualified

This list of players is comprised of every other pitcher who made an appearance for the Royals this year and is currently a part of the organization. They will be given a very short review, but their full season stats will not be shown, and they will not get an overall grade as they did not have enough appearances.

Jakob Junis

-Started this season very hot as a starter then completely unraveled and got sent to AAA. His low velocity fastball seems to get homered way too often.

Jackson Kowar

-Has had essentially one good outing out of the nine he has made this year and seems to be the polar opposite on the mound of how he has been in AAA. Still, plenty of time for him.

Joel Payamps

-Has looked solid in only 15 outings, does not seem to walk many.

Jonathan Heasley

-Performed well in his three starts, much better than the stats show. He could have a spot on the team next season.

Ronald Bolanos

-Looked very good in only 6.1 IP this year before injury, throws heat (Sinker and fastball average 95mph)

Gabe Speier

-2.98 ERA in AAA this year, has a 1.17 ERA in seven outings in MLB thus far.

Scott Blewett

-6.00 ERA in AAA this year, only gave up one earned run in 5.0 IP in MLB this year.

Jake Newberry

-5.25 ERA in AAA this year, got absolutely shelled in 4.1 IP this year but has had some success in short stints previous years with team.

Dylan Coleman

-3.28 ERA in AAA this year, has a 1.42 ERA in five appearances with only one walk in MLB, reaches over 100mph on his fastball and has not given up a hit off of his 43 sliders thrown.

Jesse Hahn

-Was amazing in 2020 on the Royals, was blown up a few times this year before heading to the IL for the whole year.

Angel Zerpa

-In his only start and appearance this season he did not give up an earned run in five innings pitched, this was very surprising after 4.58 ERA in the minors this year across A+, AA, and AAA.

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