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Royals Rumblings - News for October 6, 2021

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Red Sox advance to ALDS; it remains October

Spend five minutes with Bobby Witt, Jr.

Brutal “send” call cost the Yankees a run and who knows what else in last night’s Wild Card loss to the Red Sox:

A good week for old friend Alcides Escobar: he reached his 10-year MLB service mark, and the Nationals are already re-signing him for 2022.

The Texas Rangers are parting ways with bench coach Don Wakamatsu and hitting coach Luis Ortiz.

Good and bad news for the Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw won’t need surgery after leaving his last start with forearm discomfort, but won’t be able to pitch in the postseason.

MLB released regular-season attendance numbers.

Trevor Bauer will release some baseball content soon, but you really don’t have to give him your eyeballs.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are at a “crisis point” thanks to head coach Urban Meyer getting real close with someone other than his wife in a bar, and then being weird and shifty about it when meeting with both players and media.

The National Audubon Society has a plea to leave lights off so as to not confuse migratory birds, which are dying from building collisions at alarming rates.

This New York Times piece about drama in the fiction world has everything you need in a random beef story. If you’re on certain parts of Twitter, this thing dominated your timeline yesterday. I’m obsessed. Dawn (the kidney donor who wanted trumpets and banners for her “selfless” act WAS THE ONE WHO PITCHED THE STORY. She has no idea she’s the antagonist, probably still today.

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