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Please welcome new writer Jackson Bracken

Time for off-season transactions.

Employee In Smart Working Due To Coronavirus Emergency Photo illustration by Mairo Cinquetti/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The Royals are on the verge of promoting their young talent to the big leagues, and at Royals Review, we’re doing the same. We have promoted Jackson Bracken from the Fanposts to an official writer. You may have read some of Jackson’s fanposts here and here. He was born in Kansas and spend some of childhood there before relocating to South Florida. I’ll let him introduce himself in his own words.

I was born and raised a Kansas City Royals fan throughout the dog days of the franchise when the only hope on our beloved team came from my then-favorite player, Mike Sweeney. The Royals struggled to win until I became a teenager, leading my idols over those years to be David DeJesus, Zack Greinke, and Billy Butler. Once I was in high school the Royals started to take off and in turn, led me down the most stressful and rewarding path I have ever experienced as a sports fan. Now, after my recent college graduation, I am looking to keep the line moving and hoping that the Royals will follow suit with many more years of success.

You may recognize me from blowing up the FanPosts over the past month or so, where I attempted to solve many of the current problems that the team faces. As a writer for Royals Review, I am hoping that I can spark interest and discussions within the fanbase about the current challenges that our team faces. I am very excited to get started and to contribute to this community.

You can follow Jackon on Twitter at @Jsbracken1. Please join me in welcoming Jackson!