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Royals Rumblings - News for November 3, 2021

Congratulations to the Atlanta Terrance Gores.

World Series - Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros - Game Six
We pause from Wednesday dog pics for special occasions, like former Royals coming up big in World Series clinching games.
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Trading Adalberto Mondesi is among the three offseason moves suggested by David Hill at Call to the Pen (a Fansided site):

Yes, the Royals would be selling low on Mondesi. But he is a player without a position on the team. Bobby Witt Jr. is likely to take shortstop for his own on Opening Day. Nicky Lopez is likely to move over to second, theoretically solidifying the middle of the Royals’ infield for years to come. Mondesi, however, no longer appears to be a part of that future.

Adalberto Mondesi is still an intriguing player due to his potential. If he is ever going to realize it, that should happen in a different uniform.

Among other thoughts during the World Series, David Lesky provided a counterpoint to the “you lose the DH when you pull the starting pitcher” rule people have been suggesting:

Picture a scenario, as hard as it might be, where Jackson Kowar goes out and gets shelled in the top of the first inning (sorry, Jackson, easy target I guess). It’s 7-0 and he’s only gotten two outs. Mike Matheny simply can’t let it go anymore, so he goes out and gets him and brings in a reliever. Salvador Perez is the DH that day and hitting third. He’s now out of the lineup and the game. Let’s say it’s Domingo Tapia who comes in and gets the third out, but then the Royals have to pinch hit for him because it’s 7-0, but also the bottom of the first inning so they’re not going to let him hit. So they pinch hit and they’re on their third pitcher of the game when the second rolls around, have lost their best power hitter and now are going to need a parade of relievers. Is that any better? Or on the flip side, you find yourself in a position where a pitcher who no longer trains to hit because the DH is in both leagues is up to bat and injures himself swinging or running or whatever. In theory, the idea is fine, but in practice, you can see a lot of situations for it to go very bad.

Old Friend Jorge Soler hit a massive homer to give the Braves an early lead in their Game 6 victory that sealed the World Series win. That homer led to this pair of tweets, from Rob Zastryzny and the Storm Chasers (featuring a photo by me!).

Here’s a video with the perspective of the parachuter who landed on the field as part of the Game 5 pregame stuff.

With the sudden departure of Bob Melvin as field manager, where do the Athletics go from here?

Meet Jacque Coleman, the SVP of marketing, broadcasting and game presentation for the Washington Nationals.

Movement on the name change in Cleveland: the 80-foot “Indians” sign is coming down.

The Mets booted out their acting GM Zack Scott following his DUI arrest. Lest you think a loss of a job is a harsh outcome for driving drunk like a huge piece of crap...

Raiders WR Henry Ruggs III drove while impaired and killed someone. Get a fucking Uber, people.

Facebook will end the use of its facial recognition technology.

Whoopsie, in its quest to gobble up inventory and gouge regular people out of the housing market, Zillow overspent and has to back out of the iBuying model. Let’s all pause and shed a tear.

Something adorable for kids and/or people who want to doodle cute lil birds.

Speaking of birds, and I almost put this in the “sports” section, here’s an ostrich running down a road. I do not have any additonal context.

SOTD: hitting up an underrated track from Hamilton, because I’m seeing it in person for the first time tomorrow!