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The 2021 SB Nation off-season simulation official thread

There won’t be a lockout among our fake teams.

2020 Grape Fruit League Media Availability Photo by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The off-season has begun, or at least, we hope there will be an off-season. With the labor deal set to expire in December there is a real possibility all MLB transactions will cease in a few weeks.

But our annual SB Nation Off-season Simulation will chug on! We take 30 fans, put them in charge of 30 teams under real world-ish conditions, working out trades with each other and negotiating with free agents (with me serving as their agent!). You can take a look at last year’s project here.

Here are the ground rules:

  • We rewind to the end of the regular season. The assumption is your GM has resigned and been replaced. The new GM is free to set their own organizational philosophy.
  • We’re not concerned with the 40-man roster.
  • Players with no-trade clauses cannot be traded (this includes players with 10-5 rights). Players with limited no-trade clauses can be traded.
  • Minor leaguers can be traded, but must be specified. No Players to be Named Later. Cash may be dealt, but the amount must be specified.
  • You are free to frontload or backload contracts, although player preferences are for contracts not to be backloaded. Anything ridiculous will not be accepted. You can offer player, club, mutual, and vesting options.
  • Top offer will typically be taken, although there may be exceptions if a player has a preference on where he wants to play (big market over small market; older vet may want to play for a “winner.”)
  • I am not going to negotiate long-term deals for players that are not free agents.

Here is the schedule:

Sunday 5 ET - Simulation begins

Sunday 7 ET - Clubs, players must decide on contract options, opt-outs, Qualifying Offers must be made

Monday noon ET - Non-tenders must be made

Tuesday 1 ET - Simulation ends

Each official transaction will be marked “OFFICIAL” in the header by me and will be listed here.