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What do you want to read about during a baseball lockout?

There’s not a lot of news right now.

MLB: SEP 26 Tigers at Royals Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Baseball is under a lockout, which means there is a freeze on Major League transactions. There is still some minor league activity, but there is only so much content we can get out of the minor league Rule 5 draft and signing players you’ve never heard of to minor league contracts.

So I thought I’d go for some old fashioned customer feedback - what do you want to read while baseball is at a standstill? Keep in mind we’re not journalists with much access to players, that kind of content you can get from Lynn Worthy and Alec Lewis (sorry Anne Rogers, you can’t write about current players right now). But we can still come up with interesting things to write and talk about with the community. We can still provide:

  • Analysis and reviews of the 2021 season
  • Analysis and projections of the 2022 season
  • Analysis of the hot stove for when baseball resumes
  • Minor league player profiles
  • Winter league updates
  • Analysis of other teams, or trends in baseball
  • Discussion on the state of the game - pace of play, labor issues, parity, universal DH, expanded playoffs, changes to the game, etc.
  • Hall of Fame discussions
  • A look ahead to the 2022 draft
  • Royals history
  • Frivolities - humor, quizzes, trivia, whimsy

What do you want to read about? Any particular story ideas? Anything you have always wondered about that one of us could do some research about? Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see!