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Royals Rumblings - News for December 16, 2021

The Royals could have a roster logjam.

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Kansas City Royals v Cleveland Indians Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for December 16, 2021

In a mailbag column, Alec Lewis looks at the potential roster logjam.

Designated hitter and first base need players. If Santana plays first, Dozier, Pratto or Melendez could fill the DH spot. If Dozier plays first, Santana, Pratto or Melendez could fill the DH spot.

So to fit both Pratto and Melendez into the lineup every day, eliminating Santana from one of those two spots is the best approach. That’s why the Royals will likely pursue a trade once a new collective bargaining agreement is finalized.

In his last Mellinger Minutes before he takes a job with the Royals, Sam reflects on some of his favorite memories.

Here’s a story that I’m not sure if I’ve told before. This was 15 years ago. My first day covering the Royals for The Star. Man, I was stoked about the job. My first big promotion, from covering high school sports to Major League Baseball. I’d asked a lot of people for advice and thought I was at least pretending to know what I was doing ... but that couldn’t have been true because then a hand tapped me on my shoulder.

“Hi,” the man said. “I’m Mike Sweeney.”

Oh, I said. Hello, Mike.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you around before, but just wanted to introduce myself and if you ever need anything let me know!”

Need anything? Like, what? An hour-long interview? A round of BP? Nachos? I think I said something like thanks, and then kept on pretending to know what I was doing, but I never forgot that outrageously kind gesture. I’ve gotten to know Mike in a better way and think the world of him as a man. We still talk about the day we spent in Burlington, Iowa, when he drove his dad up on a rehab assignment.

Bradford Doolittle of ESPN grades each team on their moves so far.

12. Kansas City Royals

Midterm grade: C

Beginning pennants: 21 | Current pennants: 29

Change: 8 | Wins baseline: 73.1

What’s changed: The Royals signed reliever Taylor Clarke and that’s all.

What’s left to do: Not much. The Royals’ 2022 season will be about maximizing the development of their youngest big leaguers and those poised to join them from within. As with the Tigers and Marlins, the Royals need to add to their bullpen mix to strengthen the support for their young rotation. A veteran starter to join the mix would be worth exploring as well.

Clint Scoles at Royals Academy writes about untradeable Royals prospects.

Carter Jensen - Trading Jensen now is selling off too low in my mind, and a team wouldn’t be getting what his ultimate value could be in a year or two. The Royals have some high upside bats, but they are primarily at the upper levels. Jensen hit right away in Arizona and has a plan and power upside that could fit alongside MJ Melendez in the future. At this point in his career, the Royals would be playing a high risk and low reward type of deal. Is he going to become Fernando Tatis in a James Shields deal? I don’t think he becomes that superstar, but he has Top 100 potential and could be the critical positional cog in a future wave. Selling that now would be too early.

Mike Gillespie of Kings of Kauffman wonders if the Royals could bring back Matt Strahm.

Owners and players are not expected to discuss core economic issues until January.

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