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Royals Rumblings - News for December 21, 2021

Still locked out.

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Dodgers Opening Postponed due to cornoavirus Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for December 21, 2021

Alec Lewis continues his mailbag column with a question on what teams match up well with the Royals on trades.

Here are two answers:

1. Teams that have big-league capable pitchers but need controllable high-end pitching prospects: Baltimore Orioles, Los Angeles Angels and Oakland A’s.

2. Clubs with general managers the Royals front office has often found matches with: San Diego Padres, Chicago Cubs and Seattle Mariners.

Kevin O’Brien at Royals Reporter writes why he thinks Carlos Santana will return and even bounce back next season.

The Royals can in trade negotiations point to Santana’s injury and bad batted ball luck until they’re blue in the face. But with first base not a demanding defensive position, and many free agent first base options available, it is likely that other teams will not make the process easy for Moore and the Royals front office, especially leading up to Spring Training.

That being said, if Santana can prove on the field with his bat that he’s 100 percent, and puts up numbers similar to what he did last April, well…that changes the discussion, and teams will be more likely to deal, especially once they see Santana is indeed not “damaged goods.”

Alex Duvall at Royals Farm Report has some early thoughts on the 2022 draft.

The latest news on the MLB lockout is that there is no news.

The Athletics hire Mark Kotsay to be their new manager.

The Reds sign first baseman Jake Bauers to a minor league deal.

Why Alex Rodriguez’s Hall of Fame case is so complicated.

Baseball America lists ten sleeper pitching prospects.

Minor league teams that lost their affiliations file suit against MLB, challenging the anti-trust exemption.

David Blitzer, who owns parts of the NHL’s Devils and NBA’s 76ers, will reportedly purchase a minority stake in the Cleveland Guardians.

A look back at the Havana Sugar Kings, a minor league team that fled to Jersey City following the Cuban revolution, that included future Royals infielder Cookie Rojas.

Travis Kelce is one of three Chiefs players who tested positive for COVID-19.

The NHL will take a pause for a few days after a rise in COVID-19 cases.

Oracle will buy Kansas City-based Cerner for $28.3 billion.

Could we just vacuum carbon out of the atmosphere to reduce global warming?

Twenty years ago, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings changed Hollywood.

Your song of the day is Young the Giants with My Body.