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Royals Rumblings - News for December 22, 2021

A brown dog with curly tan fur hides under a bench
I, too, would like to hide under a bench sometimes. Shelter dogs: so relatable!
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

The Royals announced game times for Spring Training games. Is anyone making plans to go to Surprise in 2022? Have you been to spring training before?

At Beyond the Box Score, Estevão Maximo is blessing us with some trivia to pass the time. A sample question:

2) In the history of the sport, only one time has there ever been an inside-the-park walk-off grand slam. Who hit it?

(A) Willie Mays

(B) Ty Cobb

(C ) Tris Speaker

(D) Grady Sizemore

(E) Roberto Clemente

How did you do?

The NBA has contingency plans for the Christmas Day slate of games.

Speaking of the NBA, LeBron James has now spent more than half his life as an NBA player!

This seems like a good idea: take a photo of remote controls when you’re visiting family members who might need tech support. That way you know where all the buttons are, wherever you are.

Doritos will be launching a flavor that is both Flamin’ Hot, and Cool Ranch.

On the genius of the dating app Hinge adding voice recordings to profiles.

Kids keep outsmarting parental controls on all their devices.

This piece on Jason Isbell’s promotion of Black women in country music is great.

I have recently rediscovered my love for grid-style logic puzzles. I still prefer doing them on paper, but will not complain about this vast database on free online puzzles.

SOTD: this all-time banger from Weird Al. The music video is not embeddable, but is a classic.