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The Best of Royals Review 2021

I guess it was better than 2020?

I have to start this off with a hot take - this pandemic really sucks! We had another year with this stupid coronavirus, but fortunately we were able to get some normalcy back with a full season of baseball.

More baseball meant more actual baseball stuff to write about - you were probably tired of my ruminations on Star Wars. It’s time to look back on the best of Royals Review in 2021.

Best opinion articles

Minda Haas Kuhlman wrote that baseball had to change its culture of allowing sexual harassment.

Matthew LaMar thought the Royals’ 2021 draft was an exercise in hubris.

And he advocated for the pitch clock.

He thought the Royals should have done more to convince the public to get vaccinated.

And he looked at the two sides of the same coin when it came to Dayton Moore’s successes and failures.

Ryan Heffernon made the case for Salvador Perez to be in the Home Run Derby.

Max Rieper thought the Wade Davis/Jorge Soler trade was ultimately a dud.

And he wrote that a quiet trade deadline put more pressure on the Royals to compete in 2022.

Jackson Bracken wondered if the Royals should target starting pitchers in free agency.

Hokius looked at how to fix baseball.

He also admitted he was wrong about Dayton Moore.

Hokius also had a nice series about media availability and mental health - part 1 and part 2.

Best analytical articles

Shaun Newkirk thought about what the Royals could do with Adalberto Mondesi.

Ryan Heffernon pointed out Whit Merrifield’s strong defense this year.

Matthew LaMar looked at what was holding back Salvador Perez’s Hall of Fame case.

He also praised adjusted stats.

Max Rieper thought that early struggles from Royals pitchers was a bit unusual.

And he wrote that Salvy was more aggressive than ever - but it was working.

Jackson Bracken wondered if Nicky Lopez could repeat his breakout performance.

Best history articles

Bradford Lee took a look at old ballparks.

He also had a two-part series that looked back on the rampant drug use in baseball in the 80s. Here’s part one and part two.

And he gave us his all-time Kansas City Athletics roster.

Matthew LaMar profiled a forgotten Royals player from each of the past 15 seasons.

Max Rieper highlighted the most unlikely Opening Day starters in Royals history.

He took a look back at the 2010 Royals.

He also wrote about the best home run seasons by a Royals minor leaguers in club history.

And listed the highest-ranked Royals prospects.

Finally, he wrote about the “lifetime contracts” the Royals handed out in the 80s.

Best humor articles

Matthew LaMar took a cheeky look at the 2022 MLB draft.

Where else can you find “Royals players as Lord of the Rings characters”?

Best game recaps

Zack Greinke tossed a gem and the Royals lost - sounds familiar!

Jorge Soler began to head up around the trade deadline, drilling two home runs to beat the White Sox.

Sometimes a late rally can ruin a game recap, but the Royals couldn’t even win the game.

You want Mike Minor puns? You got Mike Minor puns.

Best fanposts

WillKC was skeptical that the Royals were really trying to compete this year.

cmkeller’s Comics Corner brought us a Jackie Robinson Day special.

Cregwalker looked at who might be next for the Royals Hall of Fame.

Farmhand wrote about how the Royals were uniquely gouging fans for parking.

im_not_that_bright made the case for Salvador Perez being one of the top ten catchers in Royals history.

Jackson Bracken questioned Whit’s Future with the Royals

CobraCy gives us his annual Royals holiday merchandise shopping guide.

Best GIFs/videos/photoshops/social media

Whit Merrifield channels Happy Gilmore in a drink ad.

Why did the Royals bring back some old friends?

Some spring training homers got us excited for the Royals bats.

Bobby Witt, Jr. was called out for not touching home plate on a home run - or did he?

Why is New Era ruining baseball caps?

Best comments

HoleyMoley explains how a player to be named later is decided.

The Royals hot start in April had us singing.

You can always count on cmkeller for a good pun.

And he actually made a pilgrimage to famed Grass Creek! (explainer here)

Sweep_the_Leg wants to see more title bumps after Dayton Moore became club president.

James Quinn used Google Translate on the story of Ryan McBroom signing in Japan.


You can see how wrong Max Rieper’s nine predictions for 2021 were.

Ryan Heffernon looked at who could be the next Royals player in the Hall of Fame.

Bradford Lee wrote about the bond baseball creates between fathers and children.

He also wrote a poignant piece on life.

There may be a transaction freeze, but we went ahead with our annual off-season GM simulation.

Matthew LaMar explained his moves as GM of the Royals.

From everyone at Royals Review, thanks for making this another great year, and have a Happy New Year!