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Reactions to the Andrew Benintendi trade

The fans are excited.

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Red Sox Summer Camp Begins Photo by Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Royals have had a fairly active off-season, adding Mike Minor, Carlos Santana, Michael Taylor, and re-signing Greg Holland. They continued that aggressiveness by acquiring outfielder Andrew Benintendi in a three-team trade with the Mets late Wednesday evening. Benintendi is a 26-year old left-handed hitting outfielder who has hit .273/.353/.435 hitter in parts of five seasons with the Red Sox. Here are the reactions to the trade.

Dayton Moore likes what Andrew Benintendi brings to the table, writes Lynn Worthy.

“It was one of the more detailed analyses we’ve been through in a while because of there was just so many different players involved and just looking at all the options that are available,” Royals general manager Dayton Moore said.

“Of course, we traded two really good players in Franchy Cordero and Khalil Lee. Two guys we like a great deal, with upside. Andrew Benintendi is a proven talent at this point in time in his career. He’s been a part of playoffs, and he’s a proven winner.”

Benintendi missed a lot of time last year, but Dayton says he is healthy and ready to go, writes Anne Rogers.

“We just believe in the player,” Moore said. “He’s 26 years old, and he’s always performed. He’s performed at every level. We are confident that he’ll be able to get back to his accustomed level. He’s just entering his prime. And we do know from all the information we were able to obtain that he’s worked his tail off this offseason, he’s in great shape, he’s in a great frame of mind and he’s ready to go.”

More of Dayton’s comments here:

Andrew Benintendi, like newly-acquired Carlos Santana - mashes at Kauffman Stadium.

Alec Lewis writes more about why the Royals felt comfortable parting with outfield talent.

“We feel really good about Kyle Isbel,” Moore said Wednesday night. “It wouldn’t shock us a bit if he forces his way on this field sooner than later. He’ll get that opportunity as long as he’s producing in the minors and forcing our hand.”

Pete Grathoff compares Benintendi’s defense to Alex Gordon in left field.

The players to be named later won’t be top prospects, writes Alex Speier of the Boston Globe.

The three players to be named are unlikely to rank among the top 10 Red Sox prospects or in the top 100 in the industry, according to a major league source, but are expected to be potential big leaguers who add depth to the farm system in need of replenishment.

How will this impact the rest of the roster?

Benintendi’s doubles power may be a product of Fenway Park.

David Lesky at his new newsletter Inside the Crown (subscribe and check it out!) sees the Royals as a better team than they were yesterday.

My thoughts on the deal are that I really liked Franchy Cordero and the potential he had. He’s also only two months younger than Benintendi. I’ve really liked Khalil Lee for a long time, but he’s sort of stalled out for the Royals and with Kyle Isbel’s rise and the expected rise of Erick Pena soon, the Royals at least have a couple of guys who made him expendable. We’ll obviously have to see on the PTBNLs, but if the Royals are getting a healthy Benintendi, they made themselves better yesterday.

Clint Scoles at Royals Academy sees the Royals eliminating the guesswork.

There is a chance that both or either player could blow up in the Royals’ face if they achieve 90% of their ceiling, but what I’ve written multiple times this offseason is the Royals should be trying to eliminate ifs in their lineup. The acquisition of Benintendi does that somewhat. He’s a likely more sure thing than either player if he’s healthy. If the Royals are getting the healthy ‘18 and ‘19 versions of Benintendi, they are lengthening the lineup and reducing the ifs.

From the other side, Boston General Manager Chaim Bloom seems to like what they got.

“[Cordero is a player] whose upside and whose talent is as good as anybody on the field whenever he’s on it,” said Bloom....

“I love Franchy. I’d rather have him than Benintendi,” said one National League evaluator. “[Cordero is] not that far off [from a] Joey Gallo skill set.”

Dan Szymborski at Fangraphs is cautious, but thinks the Royals could be more interesting.

Kansas City is likely going to be less three true outcome-obsessed than most teams, and after years of Alex Gordon, they’re not likely to be terribly put out by a corner outfielder who doesn’t hit 30 homers a year. For the Royals, a name player with some upside remaining may simply be more enticing than a hard-hitting project or a center field prospect unlikely to excel in the majors in 2021. I suspect the Royals will be more content to steer Benintendi in a more contact-hitting direction than the average team would....

The Royals are sneaking closer to the point at which a lot of coins coming up heads could be enough to make them relevant.

Craig Brown at Into the Fountains likes seeing the Royals trying to improve.

After promoting two of their top pitching prospects to the majors last summer and with more on the way, the Royals clearly see an opportunity. This trade won’t push them to the front of the AL Central pack by any means, but it certainly improves the squad for this year and probably next. It’s an interesting gambit, seemingly positioning themselves to compete for a Wild Card that is probably, if we’re being honest, still out of reach. But the Royals of Thursday are better than the Royals of Wednesday and with all the work they’ve done this offseason, they have built a solid foundation for at least the next two seasaons. With a few fortuitous breaks…who knows what could happen. Besides, in a landscape where so many teams aren’t even trying to compete, it’s refreshing to see the Royals attempt to build.

Baseball Trade Values thinks this was an overpay by the Royals.

Other media members were skeptical.

Others were more optimistic.

But fans seemed to be excited about the deal.

What do you think?


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