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Danny Duffy switches to number 30 to honor Yordano Ventura

We miss you, Ace.

Kansas City Royals spring training John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Players can be superstitious about their uniform number. Some players succeeded early on with their number and want to keep that mojo going. Others may have chosen their number to honor a friend or family member.

When players change teams, they may want to retain their number, which means a new teammate may have to give up their number. For example, Andrew Benintendi was #16 with Boston, which probably means rookie Kelvin Gutierrez will have to give that number in deference to the veteran.

Carlos Santana wore #41 his entire career in Cleveland and Philadelphia. Danny Duffy has worn that number the past few seasons for the Royals. Danny not only gave up the number for his new teammate, but he used the occasion to do something special. With the permission of Yordano Ventura’s mother Marisol, Danny will honor his departed teammate by wearing #30. Yordano wore that number in his brief Royals career until his untimely death in 2017.

What a terrific way to keep Yordano’s memory alive.