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Seuly Matias shows off his big-boy power

My goodness.

MLB: Kansas City Royals-Workouts Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Seuly Matias has 80-grade power, which means on a scale of 20 to 80, he can mash. He had a frustrating season in 2019 filled with injuries and a lot of strikeouts, then had to sit out last year due to COVID-19. But he is back and ready to show off what he can do, and he may have just taken out all of his frustrations on one pitch.

Matias faced Indians left-handed pitcher Scott Moss in the ninth inning and absolutely CRUSHED the baseball.

That sound is GLORIOUS. I also love Moss’s defeated reaction.

Here’s another angle.

The Star’s Sam Mellinger tracked down the flight path.


His teammates were blown away.

Yea, it’s just one game against a guy that is probably going to be in the minors this year, in the thin, dry air of Arizona. But it sure is fun to see baseballs obliterated by Royals hitters!