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Royals Rumblings - News for March 10, 2021

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Here we are again, on a new Wednesday!

Sadie and Ajax, the very good dogs of reader KHAZAD!

At FanGraphs, David Laurila talked to Brady Singer. As with all Laurila Q&As, there’s a lot of fascinating details:

Laurila: You referred to your go-to pitch as a sinker, but also as a two-seamer. If you had to call it one thing, what would that be?

Singer: “At this stage, I’d probably call it more of a two-seamer. Sometimes I get on the side of the ball and it takes off and runs on me more than it sinks. But when I really get on top of the ball, I can make it sink a little bit more. So I kind of toy with it.”

Laurila: In essence, it’s two different pitches…

Singer: “Yeah. And it changes planes when I throw it up, too. Sometimes it will take off and almost rise, or I’ll stay behind it and have ride. Sometimes I’m meaning to do it, and sometimes I’m not. It kind of just does different things, but at times I can really control it, really make it do what I want.”

David Pinto at Baseball Musings is in favor of calling up Bobby Witt, Jr.

Bringing him to the majors at the start of the season provides some good optics. The Royals set themselves up for this season to be successful. Breaking camp with Witt shows that the team is serious about that, going with their best team now rather than worrying about seven years from now. If Witt is the real deal, the Royals would make a tremendous offensive improvement at a position, SS, where offense is a huge bonus. With all the other off-season moves and Witt at shortstop, the Kansas City fans should be energized.

This is, of course, based on a small sample, but if Witt comes out of the spring continuing to hit well, this should be an obvious move for the Royals.

David Lesky at Inside the Crown loves the discussion around calling Witt up, but is not so sure, yet.

At Into the Fountains, Craig Brown makes a Royals Hall of Fame ballot.

The Royals are the best! ...of MLB’s bad teams, writes Randy Holt at Beyond the Box Score.

Also at BtBS, Kenny Kelly writes about the end of the great run of our old foes, the Giants.

What Blake Griffin will bring to the Brooklyn Nets, aside from general dreaminess.

The CDC has issued new guidelines for what you can and can’t do after being fully vaccinated. XKCD follows those up with some important questions.

Texans recovering from COVID-19 needed oxygen. Then the power went out.

How to learn to type as an adult. (I learned by a combination of Mario Teaches Typing, Mavis Beacon, and a few typing classes with some weird blinders like horses wear, to prevent looking at the keyboard. It worked!)

At Ask a Manager: Is being salaried a scam?

The last year has been a gold mine for scammers on Tinder.

Speaking of apps, would you use TikTok to find an apartment? Evidently lots of people are.

Major Biden (who is a dog!) has been sent back home to Delaware after a “biting incident” at the White House. Anyone who has a rescue dog knows how tough a big life change can be for them, and a backslide in behavior is very normal. With that said, you can’t just go around letting your dog bite people. Tough situation all around.

This week’s interesting Reddit question is on the darker side: “Once you were old enough, what were the dark family secrets you were finally let in on?”

SOTD: one of my favorites in the “windows down” kind of vibe, Butch Walker - Sweethearts