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Royals Rumblings - News for March 13, 2021

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Did you enjoy your day off from Spring Training?

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MLB: Kansas City Royals at Chicago Cubs Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Song of the Day

“Airplanes Part 2” - B.o.B. ft Hayley Williams and Eminem

On to the Rumblings.

Alec Lewis held a mailbag at The Athletic.

[On the percentage of Bobby Witt Jr. breaking camp on the 26 man roster]

This is a purely speculative answer: 2% ... Hope that doesn’t upset anyone. We have to remember he’s 20 years old. Juan Soto debuted at 19, but he’d played above the rookie league, which Witt hasn’t.

Anne Rogers put out some random note nuggets at, which included an update on Josh Staumont.

Staumont was delayed getting into camp for undisclosed reasons, setting his schedule back and causing the Royals to ease him into his workload because of a break in his throwing schedule. But he’s been able to get on the field recently for bullpens and live batting practice, and the simulated game Thursday was the final step before getting into a game.

Lynn Worthy wrote an article at The Kansas City Star about how COVID protocols affected the game in 2020 and what those effects could look like in 2021.

“Baseball is such a grueling, mentally and physically, game that when you’re going through 20 games in a row or whatever or you’re going through, a skid, you want to be able to go out to dinner, go do something, go have a beer, go just forget about baseball for a minute,” Merrifield said. “Last year, it was like the game is over and you have to get on the bus, go back to your hotel and sit there, sit in your hotel room by yourself and think about the game. There’s nothing else to do.

“Doing that over and over again, I think, really wore on people. I know it’s going to be sort of similar to that early on, but we feel this year is a little different because there’s almost like a light at the end of the tunnel with the way the virus is progressing with the vaccines coming out. There’s hope that by maybe the summertime things will sort of be back to normal for us.”

Danny Duffy is paying for his old high school baseball team to get lights.

JRod officially ended their 5 year engagement.

As a human, I hope everyone tests negative soon.
As a sports fan, I hope KU plays in the tournament because players/coaches work too hard to lose the season because of poor timing.
As a Mizzou fan though

Had to read through this NFL news tweet a few times to understand it

Royals owner, Patrick Mahomes got a big check yesterday

One more NFL QB...

Adrenaline Rush of the Week

Falling Down Stairs

It’s been about a year since I started working from home. I love 98% of it. It’s truly a game changer. But since the first day of the new work environment I’ve dreaded the day that I fall down my stairs and lay there like Peter Griffin until I’m rescued when my unsuspecting family returns home.

My nightmare came true the other day. I missed the second to last step and crumbled up like an inverted accordion. The adrenaline immediately kicked in as I assessed myself for broken anythings - clean bill of health.

I gathered myself slowly and reflected on what had happened. Considering myself lucky, I limped on.

As the day went on and I sat for 3 hour intervals, the adrenaline gradually wore off. Now I am in absolute shambles, where I suspect I will be for the rest of my days until I eventually choke on a donut and no one is there to give me the Heimlich.

Thank you for that 2-4 hours of normalcy you gave me, adrenaline. I’ll remember that for a long time.

Hope your Saturday is stair-free!