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Royals Rumblings - News for March 15, 2021

Bobby Witt, Jr. does it again!

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Kansas City Royals v Seattle Mariners Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for March 15, 2021

Salvador Perez enjoys being a mentor for the younger kids in camp, writes Lynn Worthy.

He also takes great delight in grooming his understudies for success when they do get their chance in the big leagues. As long as they know he’s not quite done yet.

“They’ve got to wait a little bit,” Perez said with his deep laugh and ever-present smile. “I just try to do my best, teach these kids how it is in big leagues, situations in the games, always be talking. Remember how you got them out the last at-bat. Don’t try to do the same thing because hitters are going to make adjustments.”

Anne Rogers has a mailbag column and the first question is, of course, when are we going to see Bobby Witt, Jr.?

It’s hard to make judgements based on Spring Training — both good and bad performances – because you never know what pitchers and hitters are working on that day. But it’s also hard to ignore the “wow” moments Witt has had. There’s no question that there’s something different about his presence and maturity that resonates in the clubhouse that fans don’t see in highlight videos or game broadcasts. He’s getting close to being ready, even without much Minor League experience.

But, realistically, I think Witt will start the season in Double-A or even Triple-A. From there, he can hit his way to the big leagues.

She also writes that reliever Brad Brach still believes he has something left in the tank.

“Some of the bullpens I’ve thrown here and in games have been the best I’ve felt in years,” Brach said. “I just knew coming into spring, we have to get the velocity up. It’s been good. I like where it is right now.”

Speaking of Bobby Witt, he did this last night.

David Laurila at Fangraphs talks to Brady Singer about hitting.

“I’m absolutely terrible,” the former Gator admitted. “I don’t think I’ve swung since… wow, maybe my junior year of high school? I think I begged the coach. I was like, ‘Hey, I’ll play third and swing it.’ But I can’t see the ball. I have 2020 vision — I can see everything fine — but I can’t see a baseball coming in at 90 mph. Nor do I really want to.”

Brad Keller talks about using his change up more.

Clint Scoles at Royals Academy gives his thoughts on the new minors rules and writes about Sebastian Rivero.

There is a young player catching pub behind the plate, and to most, it could be a surprise but not to the Royals. They have been singing the praises of Sebastian Rivero for quite a while, talking about his maturity and the rapport he creates with pitchers. The comparisons at 17 years old to me were the same that they made of Salvador Perez when he was that age. Much like Perez, the bat was well behind the skills and leadership behind the dish, but the Royals saw strides at summer camp. It was a surprise that he earned a 40 man roster spot when they already had Meibrys Viloria on the roster. That likely spells problem for Viloria when the season gets going after he received an earlier demotion.

Mike Gillespie at Kings of Kauffman doesn’t think Jarrod Dyson will be around long.

The Orioles are finalizing a deal with Maikel Franco.

Former Royals pitcher Trevor Cahill signs a one-year deal with the Pirates.

Reds pitcher Sonny Gray will begin the season on the Injured List.

The Indians release outfielder Billy Hamilton.

Which division winner will regress?

What would a Francisco Lindor contract extension look like?

Is this the end of the Astros dynasty?

Which teams are allowing fans in the stands to start the year?

Jordan Hicks faces his first batter in two years, and its a 22-pitch, 12-minute at bat.

Diamondbacks coach Dave McKay cuts his spleen in a dugout fall.

Bill James wrote about all the talent the Giants had in the 60s, with little to show for it.

A-Rod and J-Lo deny they have split!

What to know about every team in the NCAA tournament.

Drew Brees is retiring and Taysom Hill is getting a big contract - kind of.

The PS5 doesn’t represent a revolution in gaming, so why is it so coveted?

The Raven Bookstore in Lawrence takes on Amazon.

Could The Simpsons replace its voice actors with artificial intelligence?

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