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Please welcome our newest writer, Clint Scoles

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The Royals aren’t the only ones adding talent.

MLB: MAR 08 Spring Training - Dodgers at Rangers Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Royals add some impressive talent this off-season, so we thought we’d do the same at Royals Review. Clint Scoles has been writing about the Royals for years, focusing mostly on the prospects and the minor leagues. He has written at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City and regularly writes at his own Patreon site, Royals Academy.

Let me have your attention for a moment. Cause you’re talking about what? Bitchin’ about that contract Hunter Dozier signed, that trade that Dayton didn’t make. Let’s talk about something important, prospects. I’m here from other parts of the Royals web, and I’m here at the invitation of Max Rieper.

I’ll end this poorly formed Glengarry Glen Ross speech there to thank Max for the invitation to write at the top Royals site on the web about the part of baseball I love. These players grinding away in Surprise on the back fields, Columbia and Omaha, keep the game connected to its roots. It’s where the old game that Branch Rickey and old scouts of the past still exists. The stadiums are quaint and full of small-town folks there to support their local businesses and the people working in them as much as they are to watch the players. The conversations one can have in the stands or the clubhouse surrounded by small ball and the mistakes made by players still learning the game are as interesting to me as watching Francisco Lindor hit his first professional home run.

So why Royals Review? It’s where I started for the most part. I used to get into long debates with Scott McKinney on this site quite a bit, and while I don’t contribute to the back and forth like I used to, I linger around from time to time. It’s an intimidating site at times, but Max is one of the best out there, and when he asked if I had an interest in joining the site, I thought it would be an intriguing challenge.

Where do we start? That’s a good question. Let me know what you want, and I’ll listen to some of the most intelligent fans in the game. I plan to start with prospect rankings, draft previews, and some of the same stuff Shaun Newkirk did here with my own flavor. I’ve been writing about Royals prospects on different sites since 2010, so I’ll be sprinkling in some prospect history along with plenty of live views in Omaha, the Quad Cities, and Arkansas. I’ll be trying to give you as much information as I can about the players, their games, what I see and what I hear from officials and coaches. I hope you’re interested in what I have to write or will interest you over time. Thanks for having me.

You can follow Clint on Twitter at @ClintScoles. Please join me in welcoming Clint to the site!