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Royals Rumblings - News for March 24, 2021

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An easy chair with a brown boxer dog and a gray-and-black striped cat curled up sleeping next to each other.
Oliver the boxer, and Charlie the tabby cat having a snooze. Thanks to quisenberry4ever for sharing!

Anne Rogers took some questions for a mailbag, including one about who Kansas City’s 26th man will be:

The names here are the most likely to break camp with the Royals as that 26th man. Ryan McBroom has fared better in Spring Training lately, hitting .306/.297/.639 with three home runs in 18 games. The strikeout rate is still high (11 strikeouts in 36 at-bats), but if he can come through in big spots like he did last year as a pinch-hitter, he’ll find a place on the roster. Ryan O’Hearn shot out of the gate this spring but has tailed off recently, so he’ll need to get back to being the hitter he was at the beginning of camp. But his left-handed bat gives him an advantage. Both players can play first base or the corner outfield, as well as serve as the designated hitter. Perhaps the Royals go with both if they decide to go with an extra position player to start the season.

Another position player name to think about: Bubba Starling. He’s a non-roster invitee, so the Royals would have to clear a spot for him. But his defense is something teams would love to have, especially as a late-inning replacement. If the Royals choose to go that route, he’d be an intriguing choice.

FanGraphs ranked every team’s second basemen for 2021, and the Royals were not in the top spot, or the next one, or the one after that, or...well, they are ranked 25th. KC fared slightly better in the ranking at third base.

Jules Posner at Forbes thinks Adalberto Mondesí is the key for the 2021 Royals:

Another factor to note in Mondesi’s development is his BB% has increased every season, which only serves to help his ability to utilize his baserunning ability. On the other hand, his LD% has gone down every season since 2018 and his GB% has gone up over that same time period. However, there is evidence that Mondesi could get back on track.

After a horrid start to 2020, Mondesi went bananas in September. Mondesi slashed .356/.408/.667 and posted an obscene 187 wRC+. That came with 6 home runs, a .311 ISO, 16 stolen bases, and a 1.13 GB/FB ratio which was more similar to the 1.10 GB/FB he posted in 2018.

Adalberto Mondesi is having a solid spring and hopes to lead a seemingly underrated Kansas City Royals squad into the 2021 season. With a well rounded and relatively deep lineup surrounding him and a promising young pitching staff, the Royals might become a lot of trouble for the AL Central this season. Adalberto Mondesi could be the reason for that.

Bad news for baseball fans who enjoy extreme fun: Fernando Tatís, Jr. left yesterday’s game with shoulder discomfort.

My, how I have missed MiLB promotions: Cleveland’s AA team, the Akron RubberDucks, is having an appreciation night for a randomly selected fan. Let’s all appreciate Ken!

Danville, Virginia is home to a newly-branded team in one of MLB’s new developmental leagues. I am sharing this for two reasons relevant to this site: their team name is the OTTERBOTS, and their new manager will be former Royal Desi Relaford. OTTER. BOTS.

I’m going to share this food opinion because I secretly agree, and now my agreement is not a secret: It’s OK to not peel ginger.

A large discussion with lots of helpful perspectives at Ask A Manager, for people who are always late.

Well here is a beautiful Twitter thread.

A gigantic container ship is blocking the Suez Canal, no big deal, not like it’s an important waterway for global shipping, right

Netflix announced new seasons of The Circle and Too Hot to Handle, coming this summer. They won’t dump the full seasons all at once! Which is a welcome change for shows that will be fun to discuss as new episodes come out!

Personal gardening news: I had a few cloves of unused garlic so I planted them, and they have already grown like 5 inches high? In just a few days? MAGIC.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted their incredible pets for Wednesday Rumblings. Submissions for this feature are closed for the time being, as I’ve gotten quite a queue built up. I love all of your pets dearly.

SOTD: a perfect song from a perfect album, still great after more than a decade. Brandon Flowers - Crossfire, from his solo album Flamingo.