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Get your Salvy t-shirt from BreakingT!

Salvy ain’t going anywhere for awhile.

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Salvador Pérez has long been the face of the Royals franchise. He has won over fans not only with his six All-Star seasons, five Gold Gloves, three Silver Slugger awards, and World Series MVP, but with his infectious enthusiasm and love of the game of baseball.

Well now Royals fans don’t have to worry about Salvy going anywhere, as the Royals have signed him to a four-year contract extension that will keep him in Kansas City through at least 2025. And now you can commit to a Salvy t-shirt from our good friends at BreakingT.

This official MLBPA-licensed shirt is super comfortable and is made of a cotton/poly-blend. It is available in adult size, youth size, as a hoodie, or woman’s dolman. It can be especially useful when splashing your friends with Gatorade!

You can check out other Royals-themed shirts and entire collection of sports-themed shirts at