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Royals Rumblings - News for March 25, 2021

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Jakob Junis makes his case for the rotation.

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Kansas City Royals v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for March 25, 2021

Jakob Junis was impressive again on Wednesday against the Angels as he makes his case to be in the rotation.

Matheny seems to be leaving all avenues in play, including one of his hybrid relievers eventually turning into a fifth starter when needed.

“We need to take our best team with us when we head out of the gate,” Matheny said. “We should have a number of guys who could be options for when we do actually need that fifth starter, which again, we’re talking a couple weeks into the season.”

Junis is taking it in stride, writes Anne Rogers.

“Really my approach is just whenever my name is called, just go out there and be ready and do my thing,” Junis said. “I’m not going to think about it too much and worry about it. I know I’m starting in the bullpen that first few series, and I’ll be ready to go out of the bullpen and throw my stuff and hopefully get the job done.”

Anne also summarizes how top Royals prospects fared in camp.

In his Mellinger Minutes, Sam admits the Salvador Perez contract looks bad on paper.

If they’re overpaying for Perez, they know that will be balanced by underpaying many of his teammates.

The calculation is that the trade with be worth it because of Perez’s specific strengths, the lack of a great alternative, and continuing to actively fight the old narrative of the Royals as the place that can’t or doesn’t sign their stars.

Now, all that said, this contract will become very difficult for even the most generous to justify if Perez has to switch positions or is no longer a strong defensive catcher.

Lynn Worthy writes that Salvy just meant more to the Royals than to any other team.

He established a deep personal connection with the organization, and there’s little doubt that Perez’s presence means more to the franchise than it could to any other. The Royals declared as much with the four-year extension worth a guaranteed $82 million announced on Sunday, the richest contract in franchise history.

“In an era where it’s very difficult at times for markets like ours to sign some of their most popular players, their most successful, their most talented and their most productive players with great history — like Salvador — to long-term contracts, that’s what we’re most thrilled about as an organization,” Moore said. “... There’s a lot of different emotions and feelings with a signing of this caliber.”

Red Sox manager Alex Cora had some interesting comments on the career of Andrew Benintendi in Boston.

Alec Lewis at The Athletic gives his Opening Day roster predictions.

David Lesky at Inside the Crown has his bold predictions for 2021.

Colby Wilson at Into the Fountains gives his take on Bobby Witt, Jr.’s demotion.

Kevin O’Brien at Royals Reporter wonders if Hanser Alberto will end up starting at second base on Opening Day.

David Scharff at Kings of Kauffman thinks Kyle Zimmer is ready for a full season.

The Astros sign pitcher Lance McCullers to an $85 million contract extension.

Fernando Tatis, Jr. seems to be fine after some shoulder discomfort.

Blue Jays reliever Kirby Yates is expected to require season-ending surgery.

The Rangers pick up the option on manager Chris Woodward.

Long-term contract talks between the White Sox and Andrew Vaughn have broken down but don’t expect them to game his service time.

How will teams handle their pitchers after a shortened season?

MLB will use Statcast data to try to catch pitchers using foreign substances on the ball.

MLB Pipeline has their full organizational rankings, with the Royals ranked tenth.

A Cobb County spokesman admits that the economic impact data they used about the All-Star Game came from MLB.

Fangraphs unveils new stats!

The definitive ranking of players from the Mighty Ducks franchise.

Competitive walnut-smashing is a thing.

Astronomers spot a “unique meteorological beast” on Jupiter.

Slack will now let you DM anyone.

Paramount+ adds a ton of classic Nickelodeon shows.

Your song of the day is Kanye West with Good Life.