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Royals vs. Brewers Saturday Spring Training Game Thread

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Out here lookin’ like a Sunday afternoon lineup.

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Kansas City Royals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s the lineup for the 3:05 first pitch against the Brew Crew

There are still a few spots up for grabs on the 26 man roster, so they might as well... line them to one another, eh?


Keller is going to see some solid bats today for Milwaukee, including old friend LoCain and “How in the Hell is he not a Royal?” friend Jackie Bradley Jr.

Speaking of Milwaukee, I can’t not hear the name of that city without thinking of Alice Cooper.

Maybe we can get Hud to pronounce it “mEElaywoKAY” at some point in the broadcast. Shout out to “The Good Land”!

Let’s play some damn ball!