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The Clearing Waivers Podcast Episode 65: Best Shape of Our Lives

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We’re the new kids.

What’s up, Royals Review? It’s your friendly neighborhood writer/podcaster here to introduce to you the debut episode of the Clearing Waivers Podcast here at Royals Review

For those who haven’t heard us before, we’re basically normal guys that love sports, specifically Kansas City sports. We’ve been KC sports fans our whole lives and have been talking sports for the last two years.

We also like to play dumb games and hold ridiculous drafts that you’d play in your local pub. Drafting our favorite smells? Check. Mocking movie/tv critics because they don’t like Saving Silverman? Check. Publicly shaming Balto the Dog? Check

We do it all and we try to have fun with it.

So grab a frosty beverage and join us for the ridiculousness that is The Clearing Waivers podcast. New episodes drop every Wednesday.

Also available at Spotify or Apple Podcasts