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Royals Rumblings - News for March 31, 2021

March is ending REAL soon. Tonight!

A black and white dog wearing a harness and a Halloween-themed bow tie with cartoon skulls is sitting, and licking his chops.
This is Bruce, whose person is our friend Regal_Royal.

Anne Rogers talked to Thursday’s starter Brad Keller about the difference a crowd makes:

His complete game shutout on Sept. 13, 2020, against the Pirates — when he struck out two and threw 111 pitches — was the biggest moment he missed the crowd. Experiencing the ninth inning with fans on their feet is a feeling Keller hopes he can get in ‘21.

“I’ve never experienced a ninth inning before, I’ve never got the opportunity to go out there and pitch, so to get out there and finally get to the ninth inning, usually you have the lead and the fans are standing on their feet, clapping and cheering,” Keller said. “I wish I got that opportunity last year when I got out there, but hopefully this year, I’ll have another opportunity like that.”

Rogers also collaborated with Rangers beat writer Kennedi Landry for a FAQ for Opening Day, including a projected lineup with Kyle Isbel in right field.

Some players may get familiar with the route between Springdale and Kansas City:

The Royals were ranked #22 in the FanGraphs radio broadcaster rankings, which were crowdsourced.

Selected Comments

Denny has long-time been a local favorite in the radio booth. His numerous anecdotes about games from decades past makes you feel like you’re listening to a game with your grandpa or uncle. Lefebvre sometimes feels like a spiritual successor to Matthews and is very solid in his own right. Would be rated higher overall if not for Physioc, who sometimes lacks coherence during broadcasts.

Denny is as solid a broadcaster as they come. His stories are wonderful. Denny and Ryan together is an absolute joy for baseball fans.

Denny is a KC legend and very underrated nationally. Been with the team since its inception in 1969. He’s dry and simple in his calls, but it’s become what I’m most used to and I love his demeanor.

Hannah Keyser at Yahoo talked to AL Central executives about the 2021 season. You can read Dayton Moore’s commentary at the link, but here’s Keyser’s impression of the Royals:

The Royals confused everyone this offseason by adding a handful of Names You Know in a year when they’re barely even supposed to matter. All that caring combined with Cleveland’s apathy means they could make a run at the middle of the division, but ultimately, the team lacks the star talent to land anywhere close to serious contention. Their most promising prospects are a few years away from showing their full potential and the proven additions are probably past their prime. Basically, the Royals are putting too much stock in guys who would be role players on a postseason-caliber team. They’re doubling down on middling ability and ending up in the middle of the pack. It’s respectable, or admirable even, but when people are clamoring for a kid who has 37 games of pro experience, it’s probably because there just isn’t enough horsepower at the big league level.

Former Royals reliever Kevin McCarthy did not make the Red Sox, and will start the season at Triple-A Worcester.

As teams finalize rosters, now might be a good time for a reminder that the (VERY NEW AND WEIRD) list of all affiliated teams is right here.

White Sox outfielder Eloy Jiménez will miss most of the season with a torn pectoral tendon, which sounds painful. With that injury, Chicago prospect Andrew Vaughn will make the Pale Hoes’s Opening Day roster.

A rundown of how negotiations are going between the Mets and Francisco Lindor.

Can the Cubs win with a soft-tossing rotation?

Ty Kelly shares his experience of Opening Day with the Mets, and then being DFA’d and then lots of other moves. David Wright bought clothes for all the rookies.

NCAA official Bert Smith collapsed on the court during the Gonzaga-USC game. He is “alert and stable.”

The team plane of the Utah Jazz hit some birds and had to turn around.

When not to use a Magic Eraser.

Votes are being counted in the effort to unionize at Amazon workers in Alabama.

Scientists in Japan have seen promising results in mice, toward the possibility of re-growing teeth.

A school in Perth has banned mullets. In 2021.

You can claim PPE and masks as medical expenses on your taxes now. Here’s how. How much do you reckon you’ve spent on masks? For me, it’s...a lot. I can’t resist a cute mask.

SOTD: a song that RoyalDUF mentioned in the comments yesterday, ‘Brave’ by Sara Bareilles.