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Players to get excited about after one week of spring training

It doesn’t have to be rational.

Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

We are just a week into spring training, and we know we shouldn’t take too much stock into the stats players put up in the thin air of Arizona against Triple-A pitchers. But are trying to get through a pandemic, and we need some hope, man. Give in to your irrational optimism and BELIEVE. I mean, look at some of these performances and try not to get excited about the season.

Andrew Benintendi is looking ready to rebound with this rope.

Michael Taylor’s new swing seems to be working - he has two home runs already this spring.

Seuly Matias hit a FRIGGIN PALM TREE!

Bobby Witt, Jr. was in high school two years ago, now he’s getting hits off Shane Bieber. Here he is facing the Reds and OMG look at that bat speed and the way he flies around the bases!

Oh, you want a home run out of the ballpark? Well he can do that too.

Is Nick Pratto back on the prospect radar?

Do you like lefties that can hit triple digits?

Do you like lefties that can throw in the high-90s and also fool hitters with their change up?

Oh, we have even more pitching prospects now?

We knew Whit Merrifield was a professional hitter, but apparently he can double off Clayton Kershaw while talking on the phone to the ESPN crew.

Whose spring training performance are you most excited about?