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Royals Rumblings - News for March 9, 2021

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Bobby Witt, Jr. has big-boy power.

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Kansas City Royals v Cleveland Indians Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for March 9, 2021

Lynn Worthy notes that Brady Singer bounced back well after a rough start on Monday.

“I feel like I handled it well,” Singer said. “The first inning was pretty awful. I think I threw 30 pitches, hit two and walked two, so to come back and hone in those last two innings, work on some things and figure a lot of things out there, it kind of turned into a much better outing than it looked like in the first.”

For the outing, he allowed one run, a hit, two walks, two hit batters and five strikeouts in three innings. Singer struck out the side to end his final inning.

“I felt extremely uncomfortable with (the changeup) the first inning,” Singer said. “Felt better in the second inning with it. The third inning, I felt really comfortable with it. So I’m going to take that and run.”

He also writes about Hanser Alberto’s odd off-season.

“This offseason was slow and weird,” Alberto said on Sunday. “I’m not going to lie. It surprised me a little bit because the last two years I’ve been playing really good. I didn’t find an MLB deal. I had a lot of teams calling and offering me minor-league and a lot of stuff like that.

“Here, in this organization, I think it’s a good fit for me. We’ve got a lot of young talent. We’ve got veterans, but they’re still young.”

This home run by Bobby Witt, Jr. traveled 484 feet.

Anne Rogers writes about the bomb.

“It was all wind,” Matheny said, with a slight grin sneaking through. “That’s what I told Bobby.”

Matheny followed up a few seconds later: “Yeah, he found the barrel. There’s no doubt about it.”

Speaking of Bobby, Alec Lewis writes about how the prospect trained with Patrick Mahomes’ trainer.

Witt’s recent play has caught the attention of others in camp, too. Mike Matheny recently addressed Witt’s evolving athleticism. “There’s just a lot of things he does deceptively,” the Royals manager said. “We were out running timed sprints the other day. I think (Adalberto Mondesi) was the only one that had a better time than he did. Bobby looks like he’s running fast, but that’s really fast.”

Joe Posnanski previews the Royals for The Athletic.

Yes, there’s hope that Taylor can play great center-field defense, that Davis can find some old form now that he’s freed from Colorado’s light air, that Dyson can use his speed and defensive versatility to be useful. And the Royals already have an All-Star catcher and beloved legend in Pérez and the excellent and seemingly indestructible Merrifield and the ultra-talented Adalberto Mondesi. They have some talented young pitching with more on the way.


Every Royals fan, I imagine, knows that every one of those things I just wrote about might not happen. I don’t think I need to hammer the point that while, yes, hope is supposed to be at the heart of baseball, more often than not hope is dashed, prospects bust, late-inning rallies are quashed, Mighty Casey strikes out. But I love this team for trying. Baseball would be better if everybody did.

David Lesky looks at the 40-man roster crunch.

Craig Brown gives his thoughts on camp so far.

Former Royals slugger Billy Butler is hired as the hitting coach for the Idaho Falls Chukars, now in an MLB “Partner League.”

Alec Lewis joins the Royals Farm Report podcast.

David Scharff at Kings of Kauffman looks at a potential bounce back season from Mike Minor.

The Mets and Orioles are reportedly interested in former Royals third baseman Maikel Franco.

Dodgers pitcher David Price is open to pitching out of the bullpen.

Wrigley Field will be open for Cubs fans in limited capacity on Opening Day.

A’s pitcher Trevor Rosenthal has a groin strain.

MLB is bringing back revenue sharing this year, but through a loan program that large-market club teams may have to reimburse them for.

Former left-handed reliever Rheal Cormier dies at age 53 from cancer.

David Ortiz has a son that wants to follow his career path.

The players in baseball history that tossed a shutout in their only career start.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts speaks out about violence against Asian-Americans.

The Cowboys sign Dak Prescott to a four-year, $160 million deal.

How Nick Saban avoided how other coaches fail.

The sea slugs that decapitate themselves and grow new bodies.

What is MasterClass actually selling?

Inside the making of Coming 2 America.

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