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Royals Rumblings - News for April 15, 2021

Keller is stellar.

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MLB: APR 14 Angels at Royals Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for April 15, 2021

Megan Garcia writes that Brad Keller is back.

“That was the Brad Keller we were hoping to see,” Royals manager Mike Matheny said. “That was fun to watch and I just kind of had an idea that he was going to come out aggressive and trust his stuff.”

Lynn Worthy writes that Keller pitched with more confidence.

Keller brought a different mindset with him into Wednesday’s start.

“I could tell a couple of days ago, just listening to him talk about how he has been thinking about just making perfect pitches instead of — we love the word attack,” Matheny said. “Attack the strike zone with what you do really well.”

Sam Mellinger gets into how Keller was able to amp up his velocity.

“I couldn’t throw that hard with the mechanics I was working with in the first two starts,” he said. “Now with some of the adjustments we made it made it easier for the ball to come out cleaner. And when I could step on it, I could step on it and make an effective pitch instead of yanking one or sailing one.”

Keller did not elaborate on the adjustments, but very generally they involve keeping his shoulders in the right rhythm and staying aligned toward the plate.

Garcia also writes that Mike Matheny was impressed with lefty reliever Jake Brentz.

“Put him right through the meat of it, and he continues to take any challenge we give him,” Royals manager Mike Matheny said after the win. “And we’re incrementally giving him a little bit more, little bit more, and he’s responded exceptionally well. That was part of the lineup that we earmarked. Couple tough hitters. You better be on your game. And he made really good pitches in a tough situation.”

Vahe Gregorian writes that Salvador Perez is aging like a fine wine.

“I just always think when you see special players, there’s a conscientiousness to them, especially for catchers, and that’s, ‘What can I do today to help this team?’ ” said Matheny, a former catcher. “And you just take a grinding player who has that mentality, and they’re going to make an impact.

“You take a super-star caliber talent and give them that mindset, and it’s grounds for wholesale change for your whole organization.”

Alec Lewis writes why Whit Merrifield is one of the game’s most respected players.

“It’s just funny,” Yost said recently. “You look at certain players, and they stand out to you. You can judge and see a kid’s going to be a really good player. I’ve had really good success being able to do that. But he’s the one guy I felt like, ‘OK, he’s going to be a real good Double-A player.’ And, ‘OK, he’s going to be a real good Triple-A player.’ And, ‘He may be a good utility player.’ I didn’t know he’d be an All-Star or perennial All-Star.”

Kevin Goldstein gives his scouting report on Kyle Isbel.

Still, a closer look at his spring showed some clear holes in his game; a .444 BABIP helped to drive his impressive Arizona numbers. The good news is he’s in the big leagues; the bad news is that he’s not ready and is currently in possession of the majors’ highest strikeout rate (48.3%) entering Tuesday’s action. Isbel is certainly a prospect, but he’s not ready, and his early-season numbers are another reminder of why spring performances should largely be ignored.

David Lesky at Inside the Crown looks back at Danny Duffy’s start.

Kevin O’Brien at Royals Reporter looks at the high strikeout rate for Royals hitters.

White Sox lefty Carlos Rodon throws the second no-hitter of the season.

Yadier Molina becomes the first player to catch 2,000 games with one team.

Twins shortstop Andrelton Simmons tests positive for COVID-19 after refusing the vaccine.

The Atlantic League will move the mound back a foot as an experiment.

A Justin Turner home run sends nachos flying.

Will a terrible Cubs offense trigger a rebuild?

Outfielder Adam Haseley leaves the team for personal reasons.

MLB Trade Rumors has a free agent power ranking for next off-season.

It’s too early to panic about Joey Votto.

Julian Edelman is not a Hall of Famer.

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How to develop vaccines faster before the next pandemic.

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