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SBN Reacts: Fans think there are too many home runs and strikeouts in baseball

They want more base hits.

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Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

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Baseball is turning into a game of “three true outcomes” - walks, strikeouts, and home runs. The current league batting average is at .234, lower than the lowest season in baseball history - 1968. Strikeouts are at the highest rate in baseball history. Home runs are actually down significantly, but it is still the seventh-highest rate in baseball history.

What it has led to is a less aesthetically-pleasing game, at least according to our SBN Reacts respondents. In our recent survey, 68 percent think there are too many strikeouts in the game.

Fans overwhelmingly think the “grip it and rip it” approach is bad for the game.


What could be done about this? Baseball has already deadened the ball, but the effect has just turned home runs into harmless fly balls, further lowering batting averages. There are some other measures the minor leagues are adopting as an experiment to possibly be used in the big leagues some day like having the bases slightly closer and banning shifts. Others have suggested lowering the mound, or even moving it back. Baseball could also require fences be moved back to make home runs harder and increase the outfield space for balls to fall in for hits.

We also asked Royals fans how many wins they thought the team would end up with.

Pretty optimistic to think the Royals will ever win a game again!

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