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Gamethread XXXIX: Royals at White Sox

The Royals won yesterday! But they also lost. They look to set a slightly more positive trend, today.

Mike Minor throwing a pitch Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

From a certain point of view the Royals are still on a 12-game losing streak. The win they accrued yesterday afternoon was in a makeup game from early April. However, we should probably try to look at things more positively.

That’s when we turn to the pitching matchup and...oh geez. Mike Minor is pitching today. Now, to be fair, Minor hasn’t been AWFUL. But he does have a 5.75 ERA overall. That’s not good. He also hasn’t given the Royals so much as a single quality start. The last time he even pitched six innings was his first start of the season. His last start was against the White Sox and while some of his numbers were pretty good he ended up taking the loss after giving up five runs in five innings.

Things don’t get any better when Minor’s opposite number is revealed. The White Sox will counter with Carlos Rodón who is 5-0 and sports a 0.58 ERA after pitching a no-hitter earlier this year. His last start was against the Royals and he went six shutout innings, striking out six, allowing five hits, and no walks or runs. His worst start of the year saw him pitch five innings against Cleveland and allow two runs, only one of which was earned. Bizarrely, he walked five in that game; he’s only walked four in all of his other starts combined.

Kelvin Guttierez will get the start at third base today after being promoted to the big league club following the collision between Hunter Dozier and Jose Abreu yesterday afternoon. The White Sox delayed announcing their lineup to see if Abreu would be able to play, tonight. Unfortunately for the Royals, he can.