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These area code ballcaps from New Era are.....something

You...forgot a few area codes here.

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New Era has unveiled new area code hats to recognize each home city with symbols to represent that city. The Royals cap is a bit....confusing?

Okay, a saxophone, because you know, jazz. Then we have all the area codes in Kansas, including cities several hours away near the Colorado border.

But where is 816? You know, the area code the stadium sits in? Where are any of the Missouri area codes?

At first I thought, “okay maybe this is just a Kansas hat, and Missouri gets its own cap.” But no, this is the cap with Kansas area codes and.....a map of Missouri? With the Kansas City city flag. And a pig. And the saxophone. I kinda wish the pig was playing the saxophone.

There is a lot going on here. And I have so many questions. Like how. And why. And how. And dear god, why?

Fans seemed to love it.

And they are not only popular in Kansas City, but all over baseball.

Anyway, you can buy them here for the low price of $40. Hope to see you at the next homestand representing the 316!