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Royals Rumblings - News for June 12, 2021


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MLB: Kansas City Royals at Oakland Athletics Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Song of the Day

“Welcome to the Internet” - Bo Burnham

This was from Bo’s newest special on Netflix. He wrote, produced, and clearly labored over it during the pandemic. It was exhausting, and uncomfortable, and risky, and amazing. Bo is one of my favorite comedians of all time. To me, his comedy is some of the most rewatchable stuff that’s come because it’s so layered and you come away having caught something new with his stuff that you’ve heard a hundred times. And his new special is very different (on purpose) and I look forward to diving in for a third time soon.

On to the Rumblings...

Pete Grathoff with The KC Star writes about old friend, Peter Moylan’s, appearance on the Farm to Fame podcast where he spoke about his thoughts on the pitchers that use overly sticky foreign substances today are cheating.

Guys, enough. It’s done. You’ve gone too far. You are effectively cheating. And it’s bad for the game of baseball because you’ve taken it to a level where you’re advantage is well above where it should be. ... It’s enough, guys. Stop it, seriously, because you’re ruining our game.

Roster update on one, Jake Newberry.

Sam Mellinger had thorough Royals coverage in this week’s “Mellinger Minutes For Your Ears” including a bonus segment of Mike Matheny talking about bringing up the wave of prospects.

Jayson Stark, also at The Athletic, found a not-so-fun stat about the Jackson Kowar debut for his “Weird and Wild Weekly Recap”.

INTO THE WILD – Here’s a quick summation of Jackson Kowar’s first career big-league start, Monday for the Royals:

Outs: 2

Wild pitches: 3

Well, you don’t see that much. Thanks to the miracle of Baseball-Reference/Stathead, we can tell you exactly how many other starting pitchers in the modern era have had more wild pitches than outs in their major-league debut. And that, naturally, would be none.

David Lesky at Inside the Crown (seriously go subscribe to it right meow) broke down Mike Minor’s appearance against the A’s on Thursday.

Craig Brown did a very similar post at Into the Fountains (seriously go subscribe).

According to a Play USA survey, Royals mascot, Sluggerrr, is the 10th most popular mascot in baseball. Sure why not.

Mike Gillespie at KoK wrote about Ryan O’Hearn’s hot bat and if the Royals should give him another chance.

Which reminds me, Craig Brown did a good tweet.

Some self promotion here, but the Clearing Waivers podcast talked about Kowar’s debut and Mondesi’s long term value on this week’s episode.

Then I went on the Beat of KC podcast where we left no Royals stone unturned.

Let’s go back to The Athletic real quick. Eno Sarris wrote an awesome article about a new pitching metric called “Stuff+”.

Apparently relish hasn’t won a single Hot Dog Derby in Baltimore and fans are beginning to support their local condiment just as much (if not more) than the Orioles.

Yesterday was the anniversary of Jordan’s flu game and Stuart Scott’s highlight reel of it was making its way around the internet.

Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical that isn’t Hamilton, In the Heights, was made into a film and released on HBO. Highly recommend.

Vin Diesel says the Fast and Furious franchise is going to end in a two part finale after the newest 9th installment. Too soon if you ask me.

No adrenaline rush this week. It was a pretty calm week so I’ll give you another Song of the Day for your adrenaline quota! Have a Saturday, folks!

“All My Life” - Foo Fighters