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Royals Rumblings - News for July 26, 2021

The hottest team in baseball - your Kansas City Royals.

Detroit Tigers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for July 26, 2021

Daniel Lynch broke through with a terrific start on Sunday, going eight scoreless innings to help the Royals sweep the Tigers.

“This was my first win I’ve experienced in any game in the big leagues, so it was just really cool to feel that and get fired up and do the stuff in the postgame,” Lynch said. “I think I’ll remember all that a lot more than my personal performance. I thought we played awesome defense and (catcher Cam Gallagher) called a great game. So it kind of went by really quick. I just felt like I was in the moment.”

Mike Matheny seemed to like the crowd on Saturday’s game.

“It’s cool when we’ve got this kind of atmosphere with our fans,” Royals manager Mike Matheny said. “They were loud. That was loud today! They responded, and our guys responded to them. … These are memories. Throughout anybody’s career, no matter how long or short it is, to be part of games like we just were is just special.”

Matheny also said Adalberto Mondesi could begin a rehab assignment in the next two weeks.

The Royals celebrated Alex Gordon Day over the weekend, with a very appropriate first pitch.

Lynn Worthy talks to Whit Merrifield about all the trade speculation.

“We’ve had conversations pretty much every year. I’m fairly certain if things were to get to a point where something might happen, I’d be pretty well aware pretty early on.”

Merrifield said he considers the way the Royals handle potential trades as a testament to the front office, and he lauded their understanding that they’re dealing with human beings as opposed to numbers.

“They understand this is more than a transactional thing,” Merrifield said. “It’s more than Player A going to Team B for Player B. It’s more than that.”

Anne Rogers writes the Royals should consider trading Whit.

It has to be the right offer, though. The Royals could use a steady reliever and an everyday center fielder. Then next year, they can continue to grow their young talent before making a real push in 2023

Jeff Passan has a long article summarizing the trade deadline, and writes there could be a market for pitching.

The biggest fear for contenders is that their starters, back for a full season after the pandemic-shortened 2020, will wither over the final two months. Accordingly, the market for the good ol’ workaday starter — Pittsburgh’s Tyler Anderson, Arizona’s Merrill Kelly, even somebody like Kansas City’s Mike Minor — is ripe.

The Royals acquired pitcher Joel Payamps from the Blue Jays last week.

Longtime Royals beat writer Dick Kaegel was honored by the BBWAA in Cooperstown.

Kevin O’Brien at Royals Farm Report wonders if Kris Bubic and Carlos Hernandez can provide a spark to the rotation.

Royals Farm Report continues their mid-season Royals prospect list with #36-45.

Prospect 1500 has their mid-season Royals prospect list out.

The Padres acquire All-Star second baseman Adam Frazier from the Pirates.

The Rays trade lefty pitcher Rich Hill to the Mets.

The Yankees lose a no-hitter, then the game against the Red Sox.

Some Cubs stars could end up on new teams next week.

The Twins and Byron Buxton are unable to come to agree on a long-term deal, which could mean he is traded.

The inside story on how Cleveland chose their new name - the Guardians.

The Arizona Fall League will return this October.

Baseball will try encrypted transmission and bone conducting to stop sign-stealing.

With the Dodgers, Albert Pujols has become a lefty-basher.

Some Angels minor leaguers are complaining about how they are treated.

The hearing for the restraining order against Trevor Bauer filed by the alleged victim of his sexual assault has been postponed to August 2.

The US Men’s basketball team throws up some bricks at the end in an opening loss to France.

Big 12 executives met with university presidents from Oklahoma and Texas to save the conference.

Is space tourism bad for the environment?

Is M. Night Shyamalan’s new flick Old scary or just goofy?


Your song of the day is Better than Ezra with Desperately Wanting.