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Game 98 Thread: White Sox vs. Royals

It’s the top vs the almost bottom

MLB: JUL 25 Tigers at Royals
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Yes, the Kansas City Royals are doing well. They’ve won five in a row, and they actually have a winning record at home. But two things are working against the Royals.

First, as the Chicago White Sox tweet says, they have won their last 10 games at Kauffman Stadium and have beat the Royals by a rather disgusting margin of 75-28 over those games. Absolute domination.

Second, the Royals just stink against the White Sox recently. Over the last two years, the Royals are 4-15 against the South Side baseball people. Not good.

Third, and most personally unfortunate, but the Royals have not won on a Monday since May 31. Mondays have been my recap day for all but a few weeks about a month ago, and the Royals just haven’t gotten it done on Monday. Granted, the Royals are often off on Monday, but they still play Monday games every other week or so.

Also, the White Sox are good. They lead the division by nine games over the newly-minted Cleveland Guardians, and the White Sox lead the third place team by 13 games. As a note of comparison, the National League East leaders have an 11-game lead over the team that’s last in their division.

The White Sox are going to cruise to a playoff berth. They have no equal in the division. But that does not mean that the Royals can’t try to win a few games and continue their winning streak.

White Sox lineup

Royals lineup