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Royals Rumblings - News for August 4, 2021

Wednesday again, huh?

Among the useful things the Royals can learn in the final two months should be “what kind of Major Leaguer is Nick Pratto?” says David Lesky:

You might have figured out that I’m about to talk about Nick Pratto and Bobby Witt Jr. here and you’d be correct. If the Royals are planning to count on them next season, there are merits to getting them up at the end of this season. I think it’s less important with Witt than Pratto as he’s experienced big league life in some way, through his father. Also, he doesn’t have to be added to the 40-man roster this winter while Pratto does anyway, so what’s the harm if you push that timeline a month and a half? Okay, sure, service time, but if Pratto is going to struggle, wouldn’t you rather it be in September of a 90-loss season than in April of a season with some hope? Also, who doesn’t want to see this swing in the big leagues?

Luis Gil was brilliant in his MLB debut, having been called up to replace Gerrit Cole after Cole tested positive for covid-19. Gil pitched six shutout innings.

Tampa Bay ace Tyler Glasnow is having Tommy John surgery today.

It’s looking more and more like Jacob DeGrom is headed down that path as well.

Phillies farmhand Daniel Brito has had two surgeries and is in stable condition after the medical episode he suffered on the field.

Google is trying to figure out how to recycle hard drives, specifically the rare earth components that take a lot of resources to mine and are a finite resource.

Just the sound of running water compels beavers to build dams. Even if you play the sound from a speaker, in a dry place.

DRM is coming to power tools, under the guise of Home Depot setting up tools that won’t work if they’re stolen. Next up: a monthly subscription fee to use your own tools.

I guess bleached eyebrows are a thing now, pushing away from the last few years of huge, dark brows being the Thing.

A super-broad question for today’s borrowed Reddit question: What really makes no sense?

SOTD: let’s all get heartbroken and angry with Olivia Rodrigo.