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Royals Rumblings - News for September 1, 2021


Ryan McBroom hit a broken bat home run, and then carried the bat handle around the bases like a relay baton.

Old friend Zack Greinke went on the covid-related IL. Speaking of past Royals and the Astros, Houston signed catcher Drew Butera to a minors deal.

Tough news for the Red Sox as shortstop Xander Bogaerts tested positive for covid.

The Onion’s take on Javy Báez giving Mets fans a thumbs down is spectacular, as are most sports-related Onion posts.

How and why actress Brett Butler is in financial struggles now.

Are our garden bird feeders doing more harm than good?

I’m sorry to not have a ton for you in this space today. Editing photos took all night, thanks to an outrageous number of Top 100 prospects playing against each other in Omaha. Please enjoy (??) this rabbit hole about the dark side of theme parks in lieu of additional Rumblings.

SOTD: Some Jason Isbell.