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Weekend Rumblings - News for September 18, 2021

It’s Salvy’s world, we’re just living in it.

Salvador Perez watches a home run leave the park Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for September 18, 2021

Emma Baccellieri writes how Salvador Perez is bucking the trend for older catchers.

One last factor is his success with breaking balls. That’s not been a traditional strength for Perez—if anything, it’s been something of a weakness, particularly early in his career—but he’s changed that this season. He’s actually now more likely to get a hit on a breaking ball than on a fastball. (Pitchers seem to have noticed this and made an adjustment: While sliders and curves made up 40% of what they threw to Perez in 2020, that’s down to 35% in 2021.)

Anne Rogers writes about Gabe Speier’s surreal callup to the big leagues.

In a span of 30 minutes, Speier arrived at Kauffman Stadium after a three-hour drive from Triple-A Omaha, changed into his uniform, ran out to warm up in the bullpen, entered the game and got two outs to get the Royals out of another big inning for Oakland.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like the Gabe Speier appearance,” manager Mike Matheny said. “It was out of his car, into the clubhouse, had to pull a Clark Kent in his locker and run out straight to the bullpen to get hot, and get out one of the better left-handers in the game.”

Daniel Lynch comments on exiting Thursday’s game early with calf stiffness.

“You never really know because you have adrenaline, so sometimes things hurt a lot less,” Lynch said. “I respect the decision to take me out, obviously, but I could have stayed in there and pitched if they needed me to. It was one of those things that was a lot more precautionary.”

In his Mellinger Minutes, Sam Mellinger discusses what will happen with red-hot Andrew Benintendi long-term.

There’s not an outcome that should shock anyone, but my expectation would be that he plays for the Royals next season and then hits free agency. The Royals are beginning to have a lot of moving parts in their projected lineup, and they might decide an open corner-outfield spot wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

But he’s also a good player, and by all accounts a good teammate. If he goes for an OPS of .800 or so next year and the Royals jump up in the standings, then each side will have some tough decisions.

Pete Grathoff writes that Benny is on a hot streak not seen since 1950.

The latest Royals Farm Report podcast discusses the front office shake up.

Some second-half slides have caused a crowded Wild Card race.

Starling Marte may have the highest batting average in the Majors, yet not win a batting title.

Andrelton Simmons won’t join the Twins in Toronto due to visa issues.

Inside the rise of Vladimir Guerrero, Jr.

Can Milwaukee’s Corbin Burnes deliver the sabermetric pitching Triple Crown?

Thom Brennaman wants to return to broadcasting.

Why some ballplayers are denied a pension.

Can Cincinnati make a real run in college football?

Juventus loses €210 million, but is still confident in a Super League.

Product placement is coming to space travel.

Your song of the day is Miles Davis with On Green Dolphin Street.