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Royals Review Radio: A new GM, 2022 outlook, and your questions

Readers ask about downtown baseball and making a big splash this off-season.

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Alex Duvall and Jeremy “Hokius” Greco are joined by Max Rieper of Royals Review and Jordan Foote of Inside the Royals to discuss the front office shuffle with J.J. Picollo taking over as GM, and whether that means more of the same. They also take reader questions on downtown baseball and whether the Royals will need to make a big splash in the off-season.

You can follow Alex Duvall on Twitter at @RoyalsFarm and read his work at work at Royals Farm Report. You can follow Hokius on Twitter at @hokius and Max Rieper at @maxrieper. You can read Jordan Foote’s work at Inside the Royals and follow him on Twitter at @footenoted.

Royals Review Radio is available on iTunes.