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2022 Royals Game Threads

Gamethread XXXI: Royals at Rockies

Can the offense keep it going two nights in a row?

Royals vs. Rockies Friday game thread

Zack gets a mile high tonight.

Game XXIX: Royals at Rangers

Jon Heasley makes his 2022 debut

Game 28 Thread: Royals vs. Rangers


Game 27 Thread: Royals vs. Rangers

It’s the Surprise Showdown

Game Twenty-Three: St. Louis Cardinals at Kansas City Royals

Can they split the season series?

Game 22 Thread: MJ Melendez debuts in Cardinals vs. Royals

Top prospect Mervyl is here!

Monday Gamethread: Royals at Cardinals

MJ Melendez is NOT in the starting lineup

Gamethread XIX: Yankees at Royals

The debut of the Nike City Connect Royals jerseys

Royals vs. Yankees Friday game thread

Only on Apple TV+!

Game XVII: Royals at White Sox

Will there be another Rad Keller sighting?

Game Sixteen: Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox

The Royals go for their first road series win

Game 15 Thread: Royals vs. White Sox

This is what it feels like

Royals vs. Mariners Sunday game thread

The Royals look to avoid the sweep.

Royals vs. Mariners Saturday game thread

My kingdom for some runs!

Royals vs. Mariners Friday game thread

The Battle for Grass Creek never ends.

Royals vs. Twins Thursday game thread

It’s School Day!

Game Ten: Minnesota Twins at Kansas City Royals

Time for a winning streak

Game 9 Thread: Twins vs. Royals

At a cold, rainy Kauffman, the Twins and Royals clash

Gamethread VIII - Tigers at Royals

Are the Royals trying to see how quickly they can be eliminated from contention?

Game Seven: Detroit Tigers at Kansas City Royals

Can Keller cancel the collapse?

Game VI: Royals v. Tigers

Zack is back

Game 5 Thread: Royals vs. Cardinals

Back to winning? Or back to losing?

Game II Thread: Guardians at Royals

The Royals will attempt to open the season with back-to-back wins in back-to-back seasons

Opening Day Game Thread: Royals v. Guardians

It’s Bob’s time

Royals vs. Reds Monday game thread

Camp winds down.

Royals vs. Mariners Sunday game thread

The last fake Battle of Grass Creek.

Royals vs. Padres Friday night game thread

Under the lights!

Spring Training Open Thread: Royals at Athletics

Kris Bubic gets his first start of the spring

Royals vs. Giants Wednesday game thread

Carlos Hernández makes his case for the rotation.

Royals vs. Mariners Tuesday open thread

The Battle for Grass Creek begins in Arizona!

Royals vs. Guardians Monday game thread

It’s Greinke Day.


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