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Game sixty-three: Kansas City Royals at Oakland Athletics

Welcome to the Toilet Bowl

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Oakland Athletics

The Royals continue their west coast swing with a three-game set against the Oakland A’s beginning tonight. Daniel Lynch will take the mound for Kansas City, hoping to get back on track after pitching to an 8.25 ERA in...ah hell, who am I kidding?

This is an awful matchup. Absolutely atrocious. Oakland and Kansas City are 30th and 29th, respectively, in winning percentage, and 29th and 30th in wins. This is the single worst matchup of the entire MLB season to date. The two worst teams squaring off in the worst ballpark? It doesn’t get much worse than this folks.

Oakland’s offense is remarkably bad. Their .211 batting average and .274 OBP is the worst in the majors, and their 212 runs scored and 79 wRC+ is only better than Detroit. The Royals will counter with the worst pitching staff in the American League. Their 5.12 staff ERA is third highest in the majors, their 4.65 FIP is second highest in the majors, and their 1.1 staff fWAR is second lowest in the majors. An eminently stoppable force meets an easily movable object. Who will prevail?

Oakland is hosting their Pride Night tonight. Will any players take this opportunity to demonstrate their homophobia?

Nobody should watch this game. I certainly won’t; I will be watching the Texas-Notre Dame matchup in the College World Series. After that, I’ll probably play the Peril on Gorgon DLC for The Outer Worlds. Do yourself a favor and find something else to do tonight.

First Pitch: 8:40pm CDT

Royals Lineup

A’s Lineup