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Royals Rumblings - News for January 19, 2022

It’s late January now. We’re getting there.

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A brown-and-white dog runs toward the camera in a long, narrow, fenced enclosure.
A shelter pup in one of the indoor/outdoor suites at Hearts United for Animals. The special fencing between animals lets them interact with each other without anyone getting their snoots chomped.
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

Bobby Witt, Jr. is among the three players who Baseball America might crown as top prospect.

David Lesky evaluated a bunch of different infield scenarios for Kansas City at Inside the Crown.

Former Royals outfielder Nick Heath joined former Royals outfielder Anderson Miller on Miller’s podcast. Topics included what it was like to be DFA’d, how players seek advice and learn from each other, and the power of journaling.

Our pals at Royals Farm Report continued the preseason prospect rankings, with #20-#16. At #19 they have RHP Ben Hernandez:

Ben Hernandez looked really, really good for Low-A Columbia last year before he was shut down with an injury in June. He did make three starts in the Arizona Complex League before their season ended, but he never made it back to Columbia so we could get a closer look at him. Assuming he’s healthy, Hernandez will sit 93-94 with the fastball and run it up to 97. His best secondary offering is a wicked changeup that some thought of as the best changeup in the entire 2020 draft cycle. His curveball was not very good in high school, but it looked great in the limited looks we got at it in Columbia. I even heard a scout say something like, “He did not have that pitch when we saw him in 2020.”

The development of Hernandez’ curveball and fastball velocity ought to be a welcoming sight for Royals fans. The Royals have been sort of infamous for their lack of pitching development in the system over the years, but I think Royals fans are about to witness the product of a complete overhaul in their pitching development philosophy. These kids are training different. They’re throwing different. It all just LOOKS different. To say that I’m excited for what we’re going to see from Hernandez, Mozzicato, Kudrna, etc. in 2022 would be an understatement.

Jim Bowden fielded trade proposals from readers, including this one involving the Royals:

Royals trade SS Adalberto Mondesi and RHP Jackson Kowar to Angels for either OF Jo Adell and SS Denzer Guzman or OF Brandon Marsh and OF David Calabrese — Booten C.

If Mondesi could stay healthy, he might become an impact player, but that’s a big if. Kowar has a huge arm, and I doubt the Royals would move him. However, I am a fan of Adell and Marsh, and if you want to put both in the deal, I’d sign off on it from Kansas City’s perspective. Otherwise, I think the Angels would have a tough time getting both Kowar and Mondesi in either of your proposals.

Former Royal Burch Smith is headed to Japan after signing with the Seibu Lions.

The Dodgers promoted Brandon Gomes from assistant GM to GM.

That promotion was announced on the same day as Brittany Ghiroli and Eno Sarris published this interesting piece at The Athletic about how the job of assistant GM is one where some people like to stick - it’s a million dollar salary but without having to be the public face of a team:

In any case, AGMs stay with their teams longer than those in any other front-office role. In a study conducted by The Athletic, the median tenure of an organization’s general manager is 5.5 years, with the president of baseball operations (for clubs who have one) lasting an average of 8.5 years with their current team.

The top assistant GM job? The average tenure is 13.5 years – by far the most among front office and top on-field positions – followed by the second AGMs, who sport a median of 10.5 years with their current teams. Contrast that hitting and pitching coaches who, in general, are currently lasting two years or less with their organizations, and the job security really comes into focus.

Northwest Arkansas is offering a $10k bonus (plus a bike!) to remote workers and entrepreneurs in the tech sector who move there.

Who do you think will buy the 555.55 carat black diamond that Sotheby’s will auction next month?

Do you like to play Wordle? Here are some strategies. I humbly propose we make room in the Rumblings to talk about Wordle (using the spoiler tag!!), because I like it.

Microsoft is buying Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion.

Tips for dealing with empty grocery shelves, if that’s happening where you live.

This Reddit user built a site with ridiculous amounts of detail on supply chains. Here’s Walmart, as an example, but you can search the site for other companies as well.

The undersea volcano that erupted near Tonga cut the country off from communications from the world. Information is now starting to come out about the 10-megaton blast.

The site where you can order 4 free covid tests for your household is up and running. I’ve heard that putting apartment numbers in line #1 is key for making sure the system doesn’t mistakenly think your neighbor who already ordered lives in the same household as you. Also, please consider helping your non-tech savvy relatives and neighbors get theirs. Not everyone has internet access or a comfort level with using it, but it’s the only way to receive this benefit.

SOTD: Miley Cyrus with a gorgeous cover of Pearl Jam’s ‘Just Breathe.’