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Royals Rumblings - News for January 5, 2022


A fluffy multi-colored cat is sitting on a table, looking down toward the bottom of the frame.
Vigo the shelter cat looks like he’s peering down at this very caption. Good boy, Vigo.
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

Beat writers for each of the AL Central’s teams assessed their team’s

Christian Colón will return to the Royals with some sort of role at Double-A Northwest Arkansas.

Speaking of Royals reunions, Eric Hosmer’s wedding guest list featured tons of old friends. Mike Moustakas and Jarrod Dyson were groomsmen.

The Royals had to cancel FanFest:

“At present we do not plan to hold the 2022 Royals Fan Fest originally scheduled to take place in late January at the Convention Center. With continuing public health warnings and unknown restrictions on hotels and events in the future, it’s become clear that planning to host an event of this magnitude in a manner our fans deserve is not practical at this time,” The royals said.

The team went on to express its disappointment in once again cancelling the yearly tradition. The Royals did say they are exploring new ways to engage virtually and through other events in the current MLB off-season.

The team says they will share further details once plans are finalized in the coming months. The Royals finished out their update by thanking fans for their continued support.

Let’s watch MJ Melendez hit a baseball and flip his bat:

Max Scherzer did a Q&A about the MLBPA’s motives if negotiations ever resume start. This part stood out to me:

So, is this about paying younger players more?

Scherzer: Well, that’s the kind of third key component to our economic proposals. When you look back at the history of our union, we made a deal called the grand bargain. The grand bargain is that you make less money early in your career so that you can make more money later in your career. Teams have shown that they’re not willing to pay for players’ past production for a whole slew of reasons. And if that’s the case, that’s the case. But if we’re going to look at players that way, then we need to then allocate more money to players earlier in their career. We’re seeing that happen more than ever now, of front offices chiding away middle-class free agents. That’s going at the fundamental part of the grand bargain, and a solution must be found to balance it.

Veteran outfielder Cameron Maybin retired.

The Melbourne Aces signed a 16-year-old pitcher to a development contract, and it’s newsworthy because Genevieve Beacom is the first female in that league.

Is MLB ready for climate change?

An ankle injury that was being ignored seems to be the reason behind Antonio Brown’s dramatic exit from the Bucs game on Sunday.

Elizabeth Holmes was convicted on four counts of fraud for her fake bio-testing company, Theranos. Anyone else who is obsessed with that story: what is your favorite Theranos documentary or podcast series? I recommend American Scandal’s podcast series on it if you would like to dive in. (Also, American Scandal’s theme music is GREAT.)

Little Caesar’s is raising the price of their Hot-N-Ready pizza from $5 to $5.55.

A Ukrainian government official took umbrage with the way the sole Ukrainian character in Emily In Paris was portrayed. Which is fair. She was ditzy and immediately pressured the main character into shoplifting.

Today’s Reddit question: Men over 30, what’s the best advice you can give to men in their 20s?

Today’s main photo is my shelter buddy Vigo, who lives permanently at Hearts United for Animals. He hangs out in the day room, and his fur is luxuriously soft. Vigo can be the Rumblings Dog because he thinks he is a dog.

SOTD: thanks to TikTok, it’s Caroline Polacheck - So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings