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Game thread CLVIII - Royals at Guardians

It’s the final Saturday game of the year

Kris Bubic throws a pitch Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

In some ways, I can hardly believe we’re already at the end of the season. In other ways, I can’t believe we actually made it here. Either way, it’s here, the final Saturday game thread of the season. Not counting the playoff game threads, in which there will be no Royals games for the seventh consecutive season.

Kris Bubic will make his final start of the year today. Some of you wish Kris Bubic’s final start was much, much earlier in the season. I don’t suppose I can blame you. Still, he’s only just turned 25 and looked much better in his first two seasons. Maybe he’s got a Brad Keller situation going, but I have a sense that he could still turn out to be a special pitcher. I know you disagree with me, and that’s fine, but I’ll keep hoping all the same.

The Guardians will send Zach Plesac to the mound. Zach has had a couple of rough seasons after sparkling in his sophomore season of 2020. He’ll be looking to build some momentum following his return from injury to ensure he has a rotation spot during the post-season. I can’t say that I wish him well. For all I find my loyalties doing weird things in the post-season when the Royals aren’t around, I simply still can’t cheer for the Guardians. The baseball team in Cleveland has just been too frustrating to face for too long.

And Plesac seems like kind of an idiot, too.


P.S. What kind of slogan is “For the land”? Are they playing baseball to create a conservation park or something?