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Royals Rumblings - News for October 12, 2022

We’ve accomplished another week-start. Good job!

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Sam Dykstra from caught up with Tyler Gentry in the Arizona Fall League:

“I’d say the consistency with my approach [was big],” Gentry said. “It’s easy to get out of an approach in a 140-game season, and there would still be some games where I’d be pulling off. But I was really good at usually coming back the next game and getting right back to where I wanted to be.”

The Royals tacked another six weeks of play to that season with Gentry’s assignment to the prospect finishing school in Arizona. With Surprise, he continues to work on the two corner outfield spots where he has the above-average speed and arm to be a defensive asset, on top of being an offensive one. But it’s the bat that’s grabbing the most attention so far. True to form, Gentry homered twice in his second game with Surprise — his second multihomer game of 2022.

“I’d like to get through really the whole league without ever getting off balance with it,” he said. “I really wanted to stay consistent, thinking right-center, letting the ball get deep. That’s usually where I’m at my best.”

Kevin O’Brien at Royals Reporter wants the Royals to extend three players, including:

What makes Pasquantino so valuable is his supreme eye at the plate, as he actually posted a BB rate (11.7 percent) higher than his K rate (11.4 percent) in 298 plate appearances. Of Royals hitters last year, only Carlos Santana walked more than he struck out, and only Andrew Benintendi (0.75) and Melendez (0.50) posted BB/K ratios of 0.50 or higher.

Safe to say, Pasquantion’s combination of power and patience makes him one of the most intriguing cleanup hitters the Royals have had since Billy Butler and Mike Sweeney.

While those comparisons are promising, especially considering Butler and Sweeney were both All-Stars in Kansas City, Royals fans should be thinking greater than just Butler and Sweeney when it comes to a Pasquantino comp.

Pasquantino’s profile mirrors Cincinnati’s Joey Votto, and that comparison becomes more evident when Royals fans look at both their wOBA and BB/K ratio data from their age 24 seasons, which is compiled via Fangraphs.

Craig Brown kicked off spreadsheet season at Into the Fountains with a really thorough payroll projection for 2023.

The Red Sox DFA’d former Royal Abraham Almonte.

Old friend Wil Myers homered to break the shutout against the Dodgers last night.

At FanGraphs, Ben Clemens did a rundown of the wild Mariners/Astros game, which the Astros won thanks to the big bat of Yordan Alvarez.

Also at FG is this cool rundown of different matchups to keep an eye on in the divisional series round.

Anyone know what’s happening here? Is he a time traveler? Rip Van Winkle?

Former Angels employee Eric Kay was sentenced to 22 years in prison for providing the drugs that ultimately killed pitcher Tyler Skaggs.

There is no single sentence to summarize the life and career of Angela Lansbury, who has died at age 96.

Some people are pretty annoyed at the changes to the rewards system in the Dunkin (Donuts) app. It’s me. I’m “some people.”

The Department of Labor released a proposal that could change employment classification from ‘independent contractor’ to ‘employee’ for a lot of people.

The Ask a Manager dilemma of the week: would you fire this person for lying about damaging a company vehicle?

Lifehacker has a nice roundup of links to printable stencils for jack-o-lantern carving. What is the best pumpkin carving you have ever done or seen?

Here’s a fantastic book dedication.

A streamer broke her back in a poorly-set up foam pit at TwitchCon.

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