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Royals Rumblings - News for October 19, 2022

A black-and-white dog with longer fur on their ears sits up straight, next to a man in a blue t-shirt who is sitting facing away. Both are sitting in grass. Minda Haas Kuhlmann

In her latest newsletter, Anne Rogers tabs LHP Noah Cameron as a possible breakout player for 2023:

LHP Noah Cameron: Similar to Bowlan, this was Cameron’s first year removed from Tommy John surgery. The Royals selected him in the seventh round last year, got him into rehab, and he was dominant in his first full season of pro ball. The 23-year-old, the club’s No. 28 prospect, struck out 33.6% of batters in Low-A Columbia and then upped that to 41.4% in High-A. He walked just 7.8% in Low-A — and lowered that to 5.5% in High-A. He missed some time with a shoulder issue this summer, so his health is still a question mark. But his 3.56 ERA and ability to pound the zone give him tons of potential moving forward.

Kevin O’Brien at Royals Reporter will be digging into Rule 5 scenarios for the Royals this offseason, as explained in this intro post.

The Guardians couldn’t mount one more comeback against the Yankees, so New York will face Houston in the ALCS.

The Phillies went to Dongtown twice in their 2-0 win over the Padres in game 1 of the NLCS.

It’s fascinating to look at things like manager report cards in the postseason, as we contemplate what kind of manager the Royals might hire next.

Mets rookie catcher Francisco Álvarez had ankle surgery, but should be back for spring training.

Shohei Ohtani had an understandably “negative impression” of the 2022 Angels season.

I am not touching the wording of this perfect headline: Uranus Will Be Huge in November.

Instagram is reportedly thinking about adding songs to profile pages, like MySpace used to do. Yikes.

Will you buy the $200 PlayStation controller?

Dollar Tree sells Girl Scout Cookie dupes now, apparently. I will try them and report back.

Sorry for a slideshow, but here are 12 fruits you can grow indoors. One of them is coffee.

I knew when I clicked that this letter at Ask a Manager would have a LOT of comments: ‘I’m biased against people who went to women’s colleges.’

New tax rates and brackets just dropped.

A long look at the FBI’s approach to cybercrime.

SOTD: Harry Styles - Daydreaming (The better speakers you hear this one on, the better it is. The instruments are RICH.)