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Royals lose to Guardians, 7-5

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Cleveland Guardians Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals fell behind 7-0 after two innings on Sunday, and despite some late signs of life by the offense, they couldn’t make up for the entirety of the deficit. The result was a 7-5 loss in Cleveland, dropping Kansas City to 64-95 with three games left.

Max Castillo only needed a few weeks around Cal Eldred to turn into Kyle Davies. Castillo gave up seven runs in the first two frames, ultimately finishing with five innings pitched and 95 pitches.

The Royals’ attempt of a comeback: Edward Olivares scored on an error and Drew Waters hit an RBI single in the fourth. Ryan O’Hearn, who is going to get just enough meaningless hits to stick around for next year, hit an RBI single in the seventh. M.J. Melendez and Vinnie Pasquantino drove in runs in the eighth. That was the Royals’ five. Too bad the Guardians scored seven.

The bullpen, mainly Scott Barlow, worked out of some trouble to keep the Guardians at seven runs. The offense couldn’t catch up.

Offensive notes: M.J. Melendez had three hits. Vinnie Pasquantino was 3-for-4. Edward Olivares and Ryan O’Hearn both had two hits. The offense wasn’t too bad, really. They managed 12 hits, which was more than Cleveland’s 10. But their inability to match the Guardians’ home runs was what sunk them. What a familiar tune!

The offseason is almost here! Only three games left of Mike Matheny! We’re so close to the end that I can taste it.

Three games remain for the 2022 Royals. They are all against the Guardians. Tomorrow, we will watch the final start of Zack Greinke’s season. First pitch is at 5:10 pm CDT.