Vinnie P: A Poor Man's Freddie Freeman?

Vinnie Pasquantino is about to finish his rookie season as a 24 year old with a triple slash that, as I type this, stands at: 293/382/449. Statcast says that these numbers are legit, and indeed, that Vinnie has been cheated a little bit in terms of his slugging percentage, with his expect slugging 37 points higher than his actual slugging. And he has walked a lot, and only struck out a little.

Freddie Freeman is one of the best hitters in baseball, and has been since breaking into the bigs as a 20 year old. In his age 24 season, his triple slash was: 288/386/481. Compare that to VP's numbers above. Of course, Freeman's also a former Gold Glover, which VP is never going to be, but here we're just focused on hitting.

I don't expect VP to match Freeman's career as a hitter, but on the other hand, there's nothing to indicate that his Freeman-like performance over about 300 big league plate appearances this year is an aberration. And there's obvious room for growth in his power production.

Can you imagine having Freeman on his rookie contract? The comparison doesn't feel like a stretch at all. So, why not dream?

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