Old Royal baseball cards

I have gotten back into obtaining the historic baseball cards, starting with the 69 team. I find it interesting to look at the history of those players whom I obtained in the last month.

The Ellie Rodriguez/Steve Jones rookie card, both the one that puts a "q" in Ellie's last name, and the corrected one. Ellie was our first all-star, playing 175 games in our first two years before being traded to the Brewers for Carl Taylor. He spent his best baseball years with the Brewers before going to California to play for both the Angels and Dodgers. He is a baseball lifer, scouting full-time signing Raul Mondesi, Ruben Sierra and Andres Galarraga.

Steve Jones, on the other hand, had a short 3 year career as a pitcher, ending it in 69 with the Royals.

Bob Taylor, better known as Hawk, finished his career in 1970. He was a bonus baby for the Braves, but never had a very successful major league career. He coached in Paducah, Kentucky after he retired.

Steve Whitaker, who never played for the Royals, but was traded along with John Welnar to the Seattle Pilots for Lou Piniella. I did not realize that he played 122 games for the Yankees in 1967, but only played another year in 1970 for the Giants.

And Dave Nicholson, who was most famous for having the major league record for most strikeouts in a season in 1963 with 175. The Royals actually purchased him from the Braves, rather than drafting him in the expansion draft, but never played him in a major league game. He was involved in trades involving 3 Cooperstown bound players, Hoyt Wilhelm, Luis Aparicio and Eddie Mathews. He ended his baseball career in Omaha in 1969.

It is quite interesting to go back to the beginning and see those cards. I had already acquired a number of them when my son and I would go to card shows in the 80's and 90's, but when he quit that part of his life, I did too.

Anybody else have some of those old cards?

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